Goldmine Gav’s Daily Win Banker



If you watch the December 2021 Webinar I actually demonstrate how to find these bets, but what I don’t show is how to whittle them down to just one selection.

Let us look at today (February 21st)

  1. We only work with the HRP Top Rated selections
  2. Put 1.73 into the Forecast odds section
  3. Select the shortest quoted

This means our selections have to be quoted in the forecast at a maximum 8/11 (1.73) and to get down to one Banker, we select the shortest quoted selection.

Most days there are only one or two, some days more.


I like to stake these as consecutive Trebles and just use a level stake of 1pt.

However, profits will be increased by raising your stake to 2pts after a debit and keeping it there until a winning treble landed. Then return to 1pt.

The trick is to reinvest profits and RAISE POINT VALUE! 



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