HRP Platinum Staking Plan

100 Pt Recommended Bank

Section A

3pts is our minimum win bet
If any bet loses, we increase the stake by 1pt
If we get a winning bet at the odds of 2 or above, then we decrease the stake by 2pts
However, our minimum stake is always 3pts

Section B

If the Place odds for the bet are around 1.65 or above, then we split our stake:

  • 25% to the win element
  • 75% to the place element

So essentially you are playing two bets, a win and a place
If you are splitting the stake 25/75 and the next stake is less than 4, raise the stake to use 4pts
as explained above
If next stake is more than 4, split the stake into 25/75 split as explained above

Section C

After a winning bet from 1.73 to 1.99 we decrease the stake by 1pt
If there is a winner shorter than 1.73, keep on same stake for the next bet.