The Holy 7 – JTTopRatedAll


  • This system is played in both the place and extra place markets with up to 30 bets per day
  • Default settings played to Pro staking system

System Background

The system is based on the Jockey & Trainer (JT Stats) stats in our main site top menu bar. These vital statistics give the up to the moment best performing Jockeys, Trainers and also, the Jockey, Trainer combo’s.

System Features

  • This system is based on multiple selections per day, giving the option of working over and beyond the pre-determined target set
  • Selective daily bets played in both the place and extra markets.
  • Point/stake value is recalculated everyday as a percentage of the bank total.
  • High strike rate bets

Recent Performance

Consistent and steady daily gains


Ticking over as a solid foundation to capital growth

Particularly useful as part of an overall system portfolio containing multiple daily systems

System Notes & Options

All VIP members have access to an unrivaled selection of plans and performance results can be easily modeled via TSM, with any series of bets and odds.

All bets are in Extra Place OR Place Market (NO WIN BETS)

The following conditions must be met at Race-off time:

If Extra Place Market >= 1.15 Then Extra Place ELSE

If Place Market >=1.15 Then Place



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