The Holy 7 – GMWins


  • GMWins are win single bets played throughout the day conforming to certain market criteria.
  • Default settings played to Level Stakes.

System Background

This system is based on selections derived from the Favs Goldmine captured during a snapshot during the morning, hence the inclusion of ‘GM’ in the system name.

System Features

Plenty of selections throughout the day with all bets being placed in the Win Market. Point/stake value is recalculated everyday as a percentage of the banks current total. Longer debit runs are expected with this system as bets are all win market but is continually achieving positive overall performance. As this system is running the level stakes staking plan we have taken advantage of using the software feature of Bet Timer which will allow the next bet to be played without knowing the result of the previous race. System can pick up double figure win odds which is always a prize.

Recent Performance

System averaging around 30% strike rate to above average odds figures and points profit steadily rising.


Steady growth, with compounding point value to relative level stakes.

System Notes & Options

The reality is that any method which is showing a profit at Level Stakes will have profits appreciably enhanced by the application of an appropriate staking plan.

However, you have to take into account the win strike rate against the average odds. This will then give you potential win and debit runs.

This should be done alongside the nature of the staking plan in question.

Level Stakes gives you a safer option.

All VIP members have access to an unrivaled selection of plans and performance results can be easily modeled via TSM, with any series of bets and odds.


System Variations 

  1. LK has had success with the following variation using these bets
Lieutenant K
I just imported the UK Joint Roster (UKJR) method in, changed the place odds to 1.2 minimum, and increased the target to 2 or 5% then chose GMWins as the tipster, that’s it

2.  A member has been trialling alternate staking approaches, here it is.

Recovery 2
0.5 stakes 5% target 25% stop loss

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