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My name is David, most of you will know me as Dave (Tech),

I am the guy who created this site and mechanics of it, implementing all the years of betting methods and experience from Gav.

My job is pretty much 24 hours making sure all the sites are working as they should be and continually developing and improving our service.

We introduced our first automation package back in 2018. Since then, the advancement we have made has been astronimcal in terms of what is now possible.

We have learned alot since the ground breaking launch of automising the first Horse Race Predictor systems.

I have created this area of the site dedicated to automation success.

I remember having a chat with someone who attended our first masterclass event  after launching the first incarnation of the automation package. I will always remember the chap I had the conversation with called Richard who turned up to the MasterClass on a massive motorbike. To the surprise of everyone watching his arrival, he was a very striking and handsome 80 year old man. The conversation we had around the table over a few drinks was how truly “push button” the software actually was. I remember saying that the software is great but there really is no such thing as “Push Button” succcess. Fast Forward to the present and my view has changed entirely. With the advancements in the software and the selections, it is now 100% “Push Button”. I use it 24 hours a day to make consistent profits (I made over £500 today last time I checked). The funny thing is is that I don’t even have to push a button 🙂

Over the next few weeks we will be “weeding out” some  available systems that have not been in consistant profit and introducing some fantastic new systems. We have learned that although our USA Horse racing systems work, the erratic starting times of USA racing does not lend itself to certain staking plans. We are looking into alternative solutions. There are also some methods that are successful manual methods that we have tried with automation that simply arent as effective as when done manually, but the great news is there are plenty more that are and that can only be done by automation. We will be also updating the default settings of some currently available systems and showing you how to set certain systems in different instances and configurations of the software for optimum performance. Sound complicated? It really isnt. Once you are used to it its as easy as sending an email.

I will be recording videos showing you my personal automation setup and the systems and variations I use and other gurus use.

We also would love members to use this area to share their own setups and how they are using automation.

Attendees of the upcoming Masterclass live event in October will have first exclusive access to the automation of Doc Rob’s Goldmine system and the brand new HRP “Special” system.

I will also personally help all masterclass attendees with their automation setup at the event. Lieutenant K will also be there for advice and hands on assitance.

Basically if you bring youir PC with you I will be at hand to make sure your automation is set for success. We will do some live betting on the day to make sure everything is running smoothly. You can book your Masterclass place here.

If you want to get involved and havent yet got the automation package then you can do so here.


How To Import Settings

Click on “Series & Settings” for the existing system if you want to over ride the defaults or a blank new system if you want to run in parallel.

Then click Admin>Import System Settings (XML) and select the file that you have downloaded. To create a variation of a system you have set up already you can choose Import from any saved profile.


Multiples – Download

DTSpecial – Download

GP3BDP-F – Download