Basic Usage Instructions

We have developed this tool to enable us to identify strong dutching opportunities for the day. In the first instance, what you are looking for is where there are blocks of 4 purple cells in a section for example

you can then see the selections column and it will show you the horses to dutch (see below).

In the example above it is suggesting 13:40 Gowran Park to dutch 3 horses (although 2 horse dutch looks fairly strong too) and in 13:50 Newmarket to dutch 2 horses. So you can see ‘Dutch Selections’ column it will show 4 horses. For 2 dutch you would choose the top 2 selections and for 3 dutch the top 3 etc.

The dutching information is also replicated on the show race page.

The Table Headings:

Top2% is the share of the total HRP Score that the top 2 horses have.

2-3 Gap is the hrp score difference between 2nd and 3rd

DVI 2 is The Dutch Value Index (The combined odds of the top 2 selections)

DVI 2+- is the % movement of DVI from forecast odds to live odds.

same for 3 and 4.

Lieutenant K has been using The HRP Dutching Suite and this is how he said he has been using it to good effect.:

“I copy the table onto a spreadsheet.

I don’t use the bets with a minus +-

Top 2 must be over 60% or
Top 3 must be over 70% or
Top 4 must be over 80%

Gap of over 3

Odds need to be about 1.3

If more than 1 bet then take the one with the most horses as long the price is right.”