“This is the best horse racing tipping service we’ve reviewed in over ten years!” cash-master.com


“This is the best horse racing tipping service we’ve reviewed in over ten years!” cash-master.com


Yes, It IS 100% Possible To Make Thousands Every Month…

But Only If You Stop Gambling and Start Following Our Proven Investment Strategy

Just Imagine THIS COMING SEASON You Will Be Earning £1000 Plus Per Week Tax Free

Please read our personal statement to you because what we are about to tell you is 100% true and genuine.

We want you to read this with an open mind and only decide after you have read the last word.

I say this because you must have read so many services promising all sorts of get rich quick schemes. If you are looking for a get rich scheme then leave this page now! If you want to build your wealth gradually with a sound methodical system then read on….

This Is Different – Our system is Designed to Build Wealth Gradually.
It is a Sound Methodical Pathway to Rapidly Increasing Profit.

Look at all the mailings and emails you receive from services selling ideas like property deals, forex, bitcoin, crypto currency, trading options and various business opportunities etc. If these schemes were so good, why do their services usually disappear after a week only to be replaced with some rehashed sales letter?

You must ask yourself by now – do any of these really work? I think you know the answer.

This is where we are different and can offer help to you. What we provide is 100% genuine and from just a short period of using our service you will see that we are the real deal.

This Works Even For Total Beginners

We believe that you and everyone you know deserves the chance to be part of a successful service which works for its members and their financial success. This was among the key driving forces of why we started and continue to work hard each and every day.

We Are Fully Focused On The Success Of Our Members

There is over 30 years combined experience behind what we do. Moreover, an unparalleled knowledge of racing, racing systems and successful betting underpins every aspect of our service to members.

We Know That The Systematic Way To Betting Success Is The Absolute Best Way – We Have Proved It

We proved it first to ourselves, then to our members and then to the exhaustive independent reviewers who we have worked with and allowed to test our service and strategy over recent years.

It is natural to be sceptical, but our members know that we can have winning runs and winning strike rates that totally buck the odds and laws of probability.

Up To 96.99% Strike Rate And 19 Consecutive Winning Bets Have Been Recorded At Above Average Odds!

Our systems are consistent and reliable allowing any investment grow. Selections are available from 5am and the sites update live 24 hours a day.

The Horse Race Predictor Easily Outperforms Every Known Investment On Earth

• Any High Street Bank or Building Society: 0.007% per day
• Top Performing Hedge Fund: 0.036% per day
The Horse Race Predictor: 2.5% per day

Think of it, even if we ONLY made 1% profit every day, we would beat the interest paid on the current highest grossing publicly available investment product by a staggering amount. 
Let us look at this another way – even if our system only averaged 0.5% profit every betting day we would beat any known investment by 173%.
It is a lot of fun being part of a 24/7 friendly community of fellow players all making their betting pay and you certainly don’t get that in your building society or local hedge fund! 


Unstable National Economy = Incredible Opportunity For YOU

With the economy not just unstable right now, but in a state of potential peril it is sensible to look around for the best and most secure type of investment you can find. In fact, if you are genuine and ambitious person with important commitments and plans in life, it is irresponsible NOT to do so.

Therefore, it is crucial to find an income stream that you can not only rely upon, but which can be flexible to your own changing circumstances. Unfortunately, unemployment is going through the roof again, but on the other hand it is actually the best of times for you to join us.

Horse Race Betting Markets Are The Most Stable Markets Anywhere….

Horse race betting markets are the most stable markets anywhere in the World. 

Have you ever considered that startling fact?

We can show you how to make them work for you.

Your Own Personal Money Machine

Any of our areas of betting market expertise have stable, dependable and daily profit yields. IF you know what you are doing. It is simple and we can show just how simple. In the end, it becomes like your own personal ‘Money Machine’.

While friends and neighbours may be struggling with uncertainty and reduced income, we can show you how to create increased income and greater security.

We invite you to read our complete sales letter and take our service up for a month or get stuck in as an exclusive VIP client. Like many other new members, you will be glad you did and you will never look back.

Gav & Dave
The Horse Race Predictor

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Click to watch these testimonials from HRP members.

“I have enough data to form a view of this service: this will be approved and is possibly the best service I have reviewed in over 10 years!

That is some statement!”

Arthur / Cash-Master.com

“I have to say that after several years of following various tipsters and ‘fool proof ‘ systems and having spent/lost a load of cash along the way it’s great to have hit upon your product! Your method does it all for me and offers additional information to boot! It’s a brilliant piece of kit which has helped me these past few weeks to recoup some of my previous ongoing losses and is great fun to use. Well done, thank you and please keep up the good work!”

Chris M. / Bristol UK

I’m not just saying this, but I do believe that the HRP is the best system and set up I have ever seen……and I’m old and have been around a bit. I’m sure people will learn what sections they want to bet on and will work it out for themselves by studying the performances of each method. I think you have a very informative, wide-ranging product which I am sure will generate profit for anyone who uses it.

Kevin M / Manchester UK

Joined 13/04/2019
Started same day following your 4% daily method. Up £219 so far after starting at £300.
Goal is £500 a day which will arrive on 18/07/2019.
Still finding it hard to believe after following duff tipsters for to many years.
I am sure you get this all the time, but thank you so much for being the best thing since sliced bread.

PS i am a Scot so don’t expect me to buy a round in the pub come July?

Ian / UK

“I just thought I would drop you a message to say how pleased I am with the service since joining. For the first time in ages I am actually enjoying racing and making steady gains. After years of searching I have now found a service that I enjoy and most importantly make some profit along the way.”

R Massey / UK







Get Started Right Now




Come and enjoy a warm welcome to The Horse Race Predictor!

“An essential companion to the World of Profitable Betting.”







Get Started Right Now

The Horse Race Predictor is a totally unique tool that will enable you to instantly see where the strongest betting opportunities are for every UK and Irish horse race.

There is nothing else like The Horse Race Predictor anywhere in the world and with this valuable companion you will never bet alone.

Providing PHENOMENAL VALUE combined with proven profit generating action.

Genuine players at every level who are interested in finally moving into horse race betting profits can PRESS COLLECT NOW.

In seconds you can be accessing information and expert assistance that will revolutionize the way you bet and the financial returnsyou bank in your daily betting action.

If you’re struggling to make money with your betting – this product is what you need right now.

A betting tool that’s totally new and analyses the days races crunching tons of data in seconds to tell you exactly where to put your cash…

  1. Open The Horse Race Predictor
  2. Pick a Race
  3. Look Where to put your money
  4. Place your bets, sit back and wait
  5. Transfer your winnings to your Bank Account
  1. NO Time
    Just log in and access the days race data.
  2. NO Hassle
    No “techy” knowledge or previous betting experience required
  3. NO Burning Holes in Your Pocket
    Got £20? Start within 4 minutes from now and get ready to MAKE MONEY

Introducing The Horse Race Predictor

You are not going to be insulted here with the common sales blurb you have seen on every internet marketer’s site over the past few years. Instead, we aim to give you an outline of what the Horse Race Predictor is capable of and let you decide for yourself.

This product has the potential to take even a total newcomer to daily betting into a substantial income stream within a short space of time.

Use The Horse Race Predictor To:

  • Learn about horse race betting
  • Establish a sustainable income
  • Quit The Day Job
  • Build up your betting capital
  • Become an expert in betting
  • Have a lot of daily enjoyment
  • Make losing runs a thing of the past

Do you already have a successful strategy?

That’s great, Horse Race Predictor is going to complement it and boost your profitability. It will give you access to a 24/7 updating prediction menu for every single UK & Irish horse race, that will enhance any style of betting.

Still looking for a strategy that wins?

This is it! Build confidence into your betting and work with proven methodology alongside seasoned experts, to boost your betting and propel it into profit.

So What Is The Horse Race Predictor?

The Horse Race Predictor is a bespoke user friendly web-based software application.

It is a method for picking the strongest bets of the day for UK & Irish Horse racing and sports betting across the board.

The method has been extensively trialled, monitored and refined for even people completely new to betting.

It takes the client through a step by step approach to successful betting for profit and includes full daily selections from a dedicated and daily updating, member area.

It is a unique standalone system, that will enable you to instantly see where the strongest betting opportunities reside, on any day or evening.

Who Is Behind This Product?

Gav Summerhill & Dave Nevis – they are the ‘ultimate betting insiders’!

They have both part of the only real innovation in horse race betting in the past few years.

I quote Dave Nevis himself:

“We built this product to show people exactly how it’s done and how you can be building success and security into your daily life, with properly guided betting for profit”.

Gav and his team will help you combine a series of simple techniques together, and you can easily create a powerful daily strategy of profitable betting.


The real lessons you need to learn to be successful in betting have all been learnt by the people behind Horse Race Predictor. Consequently, the common pitfalls have been eliminated and the resulting excellence is now passed on to you.

What About If You Are Completely Inexperienced?

As a novice punter, if you are combining little or no knowledge of horse racing, bookmaking, or how to study the form; you would need a continual supply of good luck to make betting on horses pay. The problem of course, is that luck comes in two forms: good and bad.

  • Good luck is when you either make mistakes or you gamble, yet your bank increases all the same.
  • Bad luck is when you feel you are doing everything right, but still come unstuck and lose.

The Horse Race Predictor eliminates the issue of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ luck and instead, puts the odds firmly in your favour.

The Horse Race Predictor will develop your education fast, especially if you are new to horse racing. It will provide you with a standalone technique, enabling you to become your own successful tipster and horse race analyst.

However, intermediate and experienced punters alike will appreciate the unique distillation of strategy, selection and staking methodology that is on offer here.

You can actually work these methods and make money by sitting on a beach in the South of France, at home in your room, lunchtime in the office or a hotel anywhere in the world.

If you are able to follow some relatively simple criteria and are willing to learn something new, you could be about to dramatically improve your earning potential.

If you can develop and display a cool temperament, you can use what you learn here to build your betting bank at a steady and balanced tempo.

The Horse Race Predictor contains all the strategy and tools you need for the job.

Compared to a lot of the utter rubbish that is sold and marketed via the internet or postal list circulars, the Horse Race Predictor will be like a breath of fresh air.

You will be investing in a set of tools that can build a sustainable income for life – 362 days per year.


The Horse Race Predictor can deliver the following benefits:

  • Startling ‘trigger’ facts that will astound you
  • Target races posted daily
  • Selections indicated
  • Cutting edge tools for calculations
  • Record keeping and analysis documents
  • Personalised coaching
  • A live and kicking website, which is updated hourly
  • Friendly 24/7 support
  • Utilise the power of trends and statistics to lever up your betting performance
  • Develop an education not just a set of system rules
  • Position yourself to develop an significant daily income stream
  • Master optimum strike rates by playing only when the odds are in your favour
  • Gain a ground breaking insight into the ‘inner game’ of successful punting
  • You will be shown how to bet to win, with confidence.

In Conclusion

Out of respect for your intelligence we haven’t loaded this promotion or the website with suspicious testimonials or doctored records. It is all 100% genuine and what we say, we mean.

The Horse Race Predictor is the real deal and your investment will be repaid countless times and right from the very beginning.

This is a service set up with integrity, to help people make sustainable daily profits in proportion to their staking.

Make losing runs a thing of the past and build a personal armoury of betting skills, tools and knowledge you can use anywhere, any time.

A warm welcome awaits you on the inside, so come and join us!


30th March 2023


My name is Gav Summerhill,

I want to introduce you to this product and give some background in how and why it was developed and brought to market.

But before I begin..

Just imagine you could find a horse race betting methodology that actually worked!

Just imagine that you could use that same success blueprint every day and on over 300 evenings a year too

Just imagine you had a complete range of betting techniques that would meet every possible set of circumstances and turn them into winning runs

Just imagine you had access to a methodology that directed you to the meetings, the races, the horses and the exact type of bets you need to place, for building regular daily profits

Can you imagine waking up every morning and seeing your betting bank balance getting bigger!?

If you bet on the horses, I’m about to give you the final piece of the jigsaw.

Well here it is!

Build confidence into your betting, working alongside a trustworthy panel of experts, along with proven strategy to take your betting to the next level.

This is what you don’t need ok:

  • Expertise – all the expertise you need, you will gain from this product
  • Experience– all the experience you need you will gain here
  • Start Up Capital – you can start out for as little as the price of a meal in your favourite restaurant
  • Give Up Hours Of Time– you can work around your own schedule and be totally flexible
  • Wait all year For A Return – You can be winning on the very first day

When Dave Nevis and I started launching betting products,we weren’t sure how the betting community were going to respond, but over four hundred satisfied customers later and a long list of glowing testimonials, well now we are sure, and Horse Race Predictor is here!

Everyday people just like you are using this service to build big profits.

If you join up and work alongside my hand picked, friendly, professional team, you will never need to buy another ‘Foolproof’ internet betting system again.

So contemplate if you will, a betting method that can PAY YOUR BILLS and enable you to steadily build up income, through day to day successful bets.

Just think about having a selection of different betting strategies that would meet any set of race circumstances and turn them into winning runs.

Just consider enjoying access to a reliable companion that directed you to the meetings, the races and the horses you need to be betting on, to finally make the daily profits you have searching for.

We set up this service with integrity to help fellow punters get into profit quickly and consistently.

Let me be clear – we put our own money down and bank the profits.

Moreover, we will show you how to do exactly the same!

No matter what style of betting you prefer, be sure to keep reading this page and see how Horse Race Predictor can be one of your most valuable assets and resources.


Does any of this sound familiar?

In the past you’ve come across some “incredible system” that promises the earth, big profits, no effort etc. You spend your hard earned cash and get your copy…

It turns out it’s just a tired rehash of information that has been circulating for years. You spend money on it and find that not only does it not work that well, but it doesn’t even suit your own personality or style.

Winners with losers, and a whole lot of frustration.

No one there, to guide or help you. Feeling like you reach a brick wall every time?

That’s exactly why it’s so important to find aservice that absolutely does what it says on the tin.

A service that will be there for you every single day.

The Horse Race Predictor Generates Consistent Winning Plays

Simple as that …

What we have created and brought to market really is that powerful!

It is unique, totally ground breaking and it can do the same for you that it has done for us and many beta testers.

Remember this phrase:

“What are you waiting for?”


You have NOTHING to lose by coming on board and indeed, have EVERYTHING to gain.

The techniques and daily strategy here at Horse Race Predictor has not only been used by us but has been tested by various Beta testers for the last few months. It is nailed on to give you the very best chance of making consistent winnings. Test it out!

A FRESH new approach, that no one else even knows about.

We are offering you this membership card to an elite and successful betting service which brings in the profits, each and every day. It really is that simple.

As you read this now, there is somebody who has bought into The Horse Race Predictor and will make back the investment they made, the very same day!

We will gladly refund anybody who can demonstrate that the selections and advice provided, hasn’t performed as outlined!

The product can be accessed INSTANTLY no matter what time of day or from where you purchase, the moment your order completes.

The Horse Race Predictor has all been tested on a genuine student base, most of whom were 100% newcomers to betting.

It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s intelligent, the results are swift, the service is excellent and the rewards are high.

We are a live and kicking service manned by a decent, friendly and skilled team, available to help YOU – 24/7/365!

Being part of The Horse Race Predictor is also a lot of fun, it’s designed as a thriving community where success comes as standard and everybody is welcome!

We set this service up with integrity, in order give something back to people that are starting out, just like we did many years ago.

Full of dreams to change their lives through successful betting, but who want to avoid the disappointment of failure.

People who wish they could find a genuine way of building an extra income stream and transform the quality of life for themselves and their family.

What we have put together here will give you a personal armoury of betting skills, tools and knowledge you can use anywhere and anytime for consistent daily profit.

So why don’t you give our service a try?

And just say ‘Yes, I am going to take it!’


Yours sincerely,

Gav Summerhill

What are you waiting for? Still want to know more….Then read on…

So tell me a bit more about The Horse Race Predictor?

Well, it isnot some devilishly difficult piece of software that you need to have an IQ of 170 to work.

It is a simple and accessible working platform that has been built intuitively from day to day betting experience.

A lot of software out there; well they are all just too complex and useless for practical, enjoyable application.

The Horse Race Predictor is different. It is a totally unique tool that will enable you to instantly see where the strongest betting opportunities are, on any day or evening race card.

It will generate easy to use, yet pivotal direction to your daily bets and position you to significantly lever up your profits.

It is so simple to use that as long as you are able to read this document, then you are fully qualified to use it.

  • HRP fully automates the generation of all statistics and percentages relevant to profitable interpretation of horse race betting markets. This means you just ‘press a button’ and it’s all there
  • It scrutinises and profiles every single race of the day and evening card
  • It will complement and support the profitability of absolutely any style of betting
  • HRP colour codes and grades the various races, directing you in a non-linear way to the strength of the various betting opportunities
  • HRP gives a numerical evaluation of every race on the day’s card. This provides a further platform for grading the strength of the various betting options and making decisions about the appropriate bet.
  • HRP will pinpoint favourable horses and race circumstances
  • It drills into the developing betting markets for each race, five times a day and updates on the number of runners, the strength of favourites, the gaps between market leaders, pinpoints market movers and maximises your betting performance


“Once you have used The Horse Racing Predictor for a few days, trust us, you will never want to be without it.”

That is how powerful this product is!

Take The Horse Race Predictor VIP Package Today and we will give you complete access to EVERYTHING!

Choose the The Horse Race Predictor VIP Package*



So what exactly is The Horse Race Predictor?

This service is a platform to make your betting pay and enable your move into profit.

Moreover, it is a live and kicking 24/7/365 service that is continually being improved and added to.

Staking guidelines are presented with a suggested daily target which grows with your bank, building discipline and organisation into your betting campaign.

A series of complementary race analysis procedures aligned with an array of betting techniques blend together as a group or can be used as individual procedures.

In a relatively short space of time you can be poised to begin the profitable interpretation of virtually any horse race betting market.

When the series of procedures and techniques are combined together, you create a powerful, unified strategy which builds optimum coherence into your daily betting.

So what do I get when I join The Horse Race Predictor ?

You Get The Crown Jewels Of Horse Race Betting!

The Horse Race Predictor – UK

Every Race In The UK receives Unique Result Prediction

The Horse Race Predictor – Ireland

Every Race In Ireland receives Unique Result Prediction

The Sporting Predictor Library

The Complete Lexicon of Modern Betting Knowledge

The Horse Race Prediction Room

Top Rated selections identified

Club Betting

Instant Access To Proven Guru Betting experts

Member Forum

Present Your Views & Hear From Genuine Daily Bet Fans

The Horse Race Predictor Method Suite

Stunning ‘Push Button’ Daily Named Selections To Deliver Easy Profits

Important Confirmation:

Things you don’t need to worry about:

  • Having to pile through stats or form
  • Understanding technical stuff
  • Losing runs
  • Having no expert knowledge


Let’s Run Through & Breakdown

The Absolutely Staggering Value Available To You Here

Horse Race Predictor Subscription Service ( you do not need a degree in Physics to use this )

  • Every UK & Irish horse race covered
  • Simple Interactive Software
  • 24/7 updating
  • 24/7 Live Market Updates
  • Use race by race to sky rocket profits
  • Revolutionary Stake & Bet Management Technique
  • Printable daily grid version
  • Interactive Dashboard & Portal to essential daily racing information
  • At A Glance updating race analysis right up to live betting market
  • Individual Race Scores & Profile Summary
  • Individual Race By Race Prediction
  • Selections in seconds
  • Accumulator Staking Tool
  • Automated Daily Selections
  • Unique Interactive Selection Toolkit
  • Regular blog posts from betting Gurus
  • Advice and information
  • Tips & Analysis
  • Coaching & Motivation
  • Q & A Facility for membership
  • Leave Comments


  • Staking Plan
  • Staking & Bank Ratios
  • Target Driven Cross Method Staking
  • Record Keeping Toolkit
  • Dutch Value Index ( DVI ) Chart
  • Odds Converter
  • Coaching videos

Plus: Horse Race Predictor Forum

  • Fully Interactive
  • Network with other members
  • Post questions
  • Write to Our Betting Gurus
  • Start Your Own Topics

Limited & Exclusive Offer – Act Now!
Yes, take action now and we will immediately load access to our full HRP Method Suite onto your account!

You get:
• 12 High Strike Rate Daily Methods
• Winning Bets in seconds
• Bets issued at 7am each day
• Unique ‘Job & Plot’ horses named each day
• Full House, Maximums and Pro Bets all named

• VDW Gold, VDW Plus, Sprint Pearlers and many more…

Give it a try….You have nothing to lose but EVERYTHING TO GAIN



24/7 Private Members Area

Access The Horse Race Predictor members area 24/7 to get predictions and stats for every UK and Irish meeting.

Just login to your private members area at any time of the day and find tools, methods, live updates, stats and more.

Get Started

Race By Race `Easy To Digest` Stats

All our selected races are colour coded and graded and use a unique scoring system to easily direct you to the very strongest bets of the day.

The presentation of race data offers a unique blend of easily digestible stats enabling you to fine tune and develop powerful betting strategies of your own.

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Method Suite & Bet Builder Pro™

The Horse Race Predictor provides you with a suite of over 12 different Proven winning methods.

Use Bet Builder Pro™ to create and develop your own unique winning methods. Download your selected data to excel to easily manage your daily bets.

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Club Betting

Simply follow our resident Betting Club Gurus daily to turbo charge your betting profits. Each of our four clubs use The Horse Race Predictor in a unique way to create Daily Profits and post their selections for HRP members to follow.

The use of the award winning HRP Platinum staking plan will help consistently sky rocket your Betting Bank.

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Community, Live Chat & Alerts

Connect with our Gurus and other members in our dedicated Sports Betting forum and through Live Chat

Get Live Desktop Alerts of daily tips, hot movers and important information throughout the racing day.

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Record Keeping & Daily Use Tips

Keep track of your betting bank & daily results all in one place using The Horse Race Predictor personal bets records system. Download your records to excel at any time.

Access the library of Daily Use articles to educate yourself further in professional race betting techniques using The Horse Race Predictor.

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