The Wallet And Nest Egg System – A Strategy For Bank Growth & Daily Income

The Wallet & Nest Egg System

Filters for finding named selections: 

  • Runners: 10
  • Form: 1
  • LTO: 1-3
  • Latest Odds: 3

SP Favourite Filters: 

  • 40% Favs
  • Runners: 10


The objective is  highest returns from the lowest number of bets.

This system works in three ways:

• Building betting capital up into daily income
• Establishing a solid betting Reserve bank or ‘Nest Egg’
• Creating a daily Play bank which creates regular income for your ‘Wallet’

For whom is it most suitable?

• The professional investor who wishes to use a larger sum of capital split into Reserve and
Frontline with immediate daily income returns
• The intermediate investor who wishes to grow a small sum of capital into an income bank

One of the issues with working from only one total betting bank is that you can negatively feel any
depreciation from debit plays which may occur during a day or session.

Establishing a Reserve bank 50% the size of your daily Frontline bank means two things:

• You play knowing that a secure bank foundation underpins even an appalling and unlikely
run of bad luck or fatal error
• You can use the Reserve to ‘top up’ the Frontline and maintain required levels of daily income

How does this bank set up work?

Let us say we have £500 start capital:

• Set £250 as your Reserve Bank (this capital sits there, is not used and secures daily activity)
• Set £250 as your Frontline Bank
• Decide upon a number of points the entire capital is to be split by
• For the bets provided with this system, I recommend high strike rate betting and an overall
capital split of 10pts.
• This gives you a point value of £50.
• Your Frontline bank therefore has 5 x £50pts
• A 7.5 to 10% daily betting target is easily achievable with this calibre of bank set up
• When you double your Frontline capital, you return half to the Reserve and the other half
increases your Frontline.
So, you turn £250 into £500.
• £125 goes to the Reserve and £125 goes to the Frontline
• This gives you two pots of £375 each.
• Your point value is now £75
• You double the £375 to £750
• £187.50 goes back into the Reserve and £187.50 goes to the Frontline
• This gives you two new pots of £562.50 each.

How do we reach the goal of daily income bank activity?

Decide what constitutes your required level of daily profit and work out the total funds required to
draw around 5% from each day.

If your daily profit requirement is £150 then I recommend £1500 Reserve and £1500 Frontline split into 5pts each bank.

The point split of this technique can be anything from 10 to 50pts, depending on the strike rate of
the bets.

Because I advocate an aggressive 10pt split we need bets with the highest possible strike rate
I have developed a daily roster of bet which combines named selections and races where we bet the
SP Favourite

Betting action is in the place and extra (additional) place markets, occasionally a win bet is taken if no economic place bet is possible.
We compound profits by playing a consecutive double or ‘2 step parlay’ where the stake and winnings of the first bet are re-invested onto the second bet.

Bets will fall between the odds range of 1.12 to around 1.7
With the bank set up I advocate just one consecutive double at the shortest of odds will give us a 10% raise on Frontline capital

How so?

• Bet 1: 1.23 x £50 = £61.5
• Bet 2: 1.22 x £61.5 = £75

In this example, we have a £25 profit, which is 10% of our earlier suggested Frontline capital of £250.

This amount is reinvested into the Frontline for the next coup, which starts with £275 divided by 5pts
or £55 for our next stake.

The Ultimate Prize

Once we have achieved consistent bank growth and you no longer seek to build up betting capital,
the end result is THREE elements to your income foundation:

• The Reserve Bank
• The Frontline (Daily Play) Bank
• The Running Income Stream

System Rules
This betting system uses high strike rate bets and the principle of reinvesting compounded profits,
then stopping at a predetermined betting target.
I use multiple factors from the site in choosing bets every day.
We will get between 4 and 12 races to go at each day and the ultimate strike rate of winning bets will be around 90%. No matter how many races are available to play, we only need to bet to our predetermined profit targets and most days this will be achieved in only two races.

We use a technique called ‘Consecutive Doubles’ or a ‘2 Step Parlay’ which means: ‘a series of two bets in which winnings accruing from the first transaction are used as a stake for the next’ Webster

Understanding The Betting Strategy

1. Race Choice & Bet Selection
Every day there are a corpus of races which are very favourable for our HRP Top Rated selections and SP Favourites. These are true Bankers, and if the right bet is chosen, they are almost certain (but not guaranteed) to provide a winning play.

2. Staking Strategy
Because I have established an exact ‘odds to strike rate’ ratio, I can work with the enormous powers
of compounded profits to sky-rocket earnings and really take advantage of the odds, in the winning
runs on offer for the high strike rate achievable

3. Bank Set Up
For this system I advocate a ‘20% Ratchet’ staking which means your overall bank is split into 10pts.

• 5pts is placed as your Reserve Bank
• 5pts is used as your Frontline Betting capital

If you prefer smaller stakes to get going you simply split your capital into a larger number of betting points, then divide half to Reserve and half to  Frontline. I can advise any member on what will be best for them

Example: Your total betting capital is £350. Using my strategy, you set up £175 into your Reserve and £175 into your Frontline. Your £175 is then split into 5pts of £35. £35 becomes your first stake of the day.

4. The Two Selection Types

Named Selection: (I name the actual horse we bet on).

If either of the three conditions following are not met, we simply avoid the race.
• Must be either clear SP Favourite, Joint Favourite or Co-Fav
• Must have win odds of 3.5 or less
• If second favourite must have win odds under four

SP Favourite: (this is the horse which goes off as the favourite at race time)
• Must be clear favourite, Joint Favourite or Co-Fav
• Must have win odds of 3.5 or less

The Three Bet Types

Most bets will take place in the Place markets and Extra Place markets of either Betfair or Betdaq.

We just get better odds on the exchanges for the type of bets and races we use. Sometimes we will place a Win bet when economic place odds are not obtainable.

• Betdaq does not have a 2tbp market (2 places offered). Having a 2tbp market is useful when
an odds-on shot will have regular place odds of 1.05 for instance, but the 2tbp odds are 1.21
and right in our target zone.
• However, Betdaq seem to offer more extra place markets in races with 5 or 4 runners. You
will get 3tbp markets (3 places offered) where Betfair only offer the industry 2 places.
• Every race has place markets available, and overall, the extra or additional place markets give us three places where the industry only offers 2 and 4 places where the industry only offers three. Sometimes 5 places are offered where the industry offers 4.

The enhanced strike rate of this feature means we can use my betting strategy to significant effect in practical day to day betting.

Rules Of Play

• Stake 1pt on the first selection subject to the above considerations
• Reinvest both the stake and return (profit) on the selection in the next race
• If a winning double, reinvest the profits into the bank and raise your point value to 1/fifth of the new bank.

5. If a debit bet, keep your next stake the same until you reach a new bank high point from successful doubles Set daily profit target between 5 and 10% of start capital.

Example: If you start with £250 Frontline betting capital, your first stake will be £50 and if your double returns around £25 profit, which is 10% and a betting target reached. You can stop betting for the day.

6. Only use the Place or ‘extra place’ markets down to a minimum odds of about 1.12/1.15

If you cannot get a minimum of about 1.12 for any place bet, then you can either place the stake on the Win market or avoid the race altogether.

Example: If the regular Place market is 1.85 and the extra place market is 1.45 you choose the lower odds. If the regular Place market is 1.41 and the extra (or additional) place market is 1.22 you choose the lower odds of 1.22. If any place market is 1.10 or lower, then you can consider the Win bet.

Remember! High strike rate is KING. The principle of compounding gains is what makes this system tick over nicely.


• We stake in consecutive doubles, using a Frontline bank of 5pts.
• When this doubles (10pts) we return half to the Reserve and half to increase our Frontline bank, until we reach our overall profit targets.
• I advocate £1,500 Reserve and £1500 Frontline as our ultimate betting goal.

Big Stakes

Bigger returns need bigger stakes. There is no sustainable or authentic way to buck that fact over time.

Remember! By the time you get to bigger stakes you should not only have a Reserve Bank but also be playing with money you have WON

Final Thoughts

Betting success is not just in the effectiveness of your strategy and bets, it is also in the mind.

This means you need to have a resilient attitude and see profit and loss as a shopkeeper, or any type of business owner views them.

There may well be a disappointing bet or day, but profit at the end of the month is what counts.

Being down one day in the week because a selection blundered when clear at the last fence is part of the game.

Think strategically and work this system to the rules and guidelines given.
Seriously consider the Reserve bank principle

Have you come across it like this before? I think the answer will be ‘no’
Not only are you creating an income stream for yourself, but you are also building up a ‘nest egg’ of capital over time and it is this element which will establish security and enjoyment within your daily betting campaign.

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