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What if you could take £100 and turn it into a six-figure sum in less than a year?

Moreover, what if you didn’t actually have do very much in making that investment work for you?

Every day we give what is called the HRP Top Rated selection in every horse race across the UK and Ireland. They can’t and don’t all win, obviously.

But over 6 years of 24/7 engagement with every horse race that has been run in the UK & Ireland confirms that apart from the ‘Favourite’, the HRP Top Rated is the most important horse in the race.

Sometimes they can be one and the same, but not always, each day and every race is different.

The Horse Race Predictor is well-known for putting together an unrivalled suite of proven staking strategies for every type of odds range. We give the bets and the results every single day.

A few months ago, we noticed something that was right under our noses. We found that by putting together a flagship staking system called ‘CPSP’, by carefully selecting the two best meetings every day and by staking the HRP Top Rated selections using a carefully crafted system based on CPSP, we could guarantee an average 2% (many days much more than that) profit per day.

We then noticed that if we put it together with our unique bank growth strategy, and built a fully automated ‘one click, push button’ system around it, a member doesn’t have anything to do other than wait for the pot of money and betting bank to build, and build, and build.

The strategy has been both backchecked and beta tested in live play.

It works.

Simple as that.It is pure AI backed up by the practical knowledge only we possess and which leads to success.

All you need to do is join, install the software, press a button and become part of this opportunity.

To show you how powerful it is, just enter a modest start bank of £100 in the calculator below.

Then set your daily target at 2% (that is £2 profit on the first day).

Then enter 349 days as the bank growth period.

Then look at the Value of Bank figure.

Calculate How Much You Can Make…




1. We don’t take any bets under Evens (2)
1a. If playing manually or able to update your auto settings via the results log, we take a bet under Evens (2) if it means a target. 
2. If a bet within the sequence and not for a target is under Evens (2), it is a No Bet. 
3. We keep betting until we hit a 2% target (Job Done) 
4. If you hit a target, you can either keep betting for another target (2%) or stop betting. 
5. We use bets in all markets, which are served by both Betfair and Betdaq. The extra place market, the place markets and, of course, the Win markets. 
6. You must have a bet over Evens (2). So find which market you can get it. If you can’t get a bet over evens in any market, and the play is not for a target, it is a No Bet. Move onto the next race.

Here is some extra clarity:


1. We don’t actually use 2tbp in the official 6 Figure Club strategy, as an ‘extra place’ market. You can’t get that particular market on Betdaq, anyway. It is Betfair only.
2. Official results will only use the 2tbp market if a race has 7 runners or less, just to clarify.
This is an approach that embraces players from both Betfair or Betdaq only.
So, see the official 6 Figure Club manual and automation threads to discern whether you want to take the hybrid approach or the official approach.
Note: The point of any official approach is to give you a definite measure of what are the criteria being used, and which are recommended. Also, by which official results will be posted.
That is not to say, that any hybrid approach including the use of the ‘2tbp’ market as an ‘extra’ place market, isn’t a good idea. (y)(y)However, the ‘official approach’ gives both Betdaq and Betfair players a level playing field.


Watch Video on how to play manually

Gav works the automated system bets manually every day.

To see additional notes, useful info and to keep in touch CLICK HERE


***Download and instructions updated 23rd November 2023



*Updated 1st December 2023

Download The Six Figure Club full auto profile here. Contains all systems and settings. All you need to do is import the profile and you are good to go.

To import the profile,

1. open a new instance of TBM

2. Click “Global TBM settings”

3. Click “Import Profile”

4. Where it says “Create New Profile?” Enter a name for the profile eg Six Figure Club and then click “Import Profile into New Profile”.

5. Navigate to where you saved the profile and wait a few seconds for it to load.

6. Click Save

7. Turn on system 1 and you are good to go. Your profile should now look like the image below.

Please be aware of the following when playing auto:

Sometimes the result of the bet can take a while and can lead to the next bet not being played. This is because the software needs to know the result before calculating the next stake and if the result is not reported back from the Betfair/Betdaq API before the next race starts then you will miss the race. If you are around and know the result  then you can manually update the result from “awaiting” status to either “Won” or “Lost” using the Historical Bet Ledger on the software. Simply click historical bet ledger, change the filters and search to find the bet. Then Click the edit button of the bet and change the result to the known outcome. Your next stake will then be calculated and your next bet can be placed.

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