The Mighty Tosh – Fav %, LSP Races and HRP Top Rated

Bet Roster Instructions

We target races which show a positive LSP (level stake profit) on Today’s Races.

In addition, we use races where the Fav % is a minimum of 45%

If there are no qualifying races at 45% Favs, then reduce to 40%

The LSP must be showing a green positive figure, if you need to reduce races then increase the LSP required from 1 upwards 

You can also use a maximum number of runners of 12 

Filter your target bets each day here: 

Todays Races

Bet Builder Settings


What Are Fav % & LSP Races? 

  • LSP races means ‘level stake profit’ – so if you had put £1 on every SP Favourite in our data sample for those races you would have made whatever the green figure is in profit! 
  • We use a winning Fav % of 45 or 40% for races to tackle.
  • It means that at the course in question, for that classification of race (Novice Hurdle, Handicap Chase etc.) the SP Favourite has won at least 45% of the races. 
  • This means that we are targeting the very best betting propositions for the day and with betting techniques which include the horses most likely to win or make the frame
  • For enhanced strike rate we include the HRP Top Rated in the bet – where the odds available make this possible.
  • The LSP column in the screenshot must be showing a Green positive figure. 

Bank Set Up

  • 100pts with a 2pt minimum stake
  • Reinvest profits each day to raise point value
  • Aim for a 2.5% profit on capital each day

Bet Roster Instructions 

  • Use the HRP Platinum staking protocols for the SP Favourite. That is the actual race favourite in the live market at race time
  • Play the SP favourite selection along with the HRP Top Rated if you can get both into the bet
  • If the first race of the roster shows a profit, we recommend considering stopping betting
  • Consider to use the ‘extra place’ markets if the target odds are obtainable and it makes a target
  • If HRP Top Rated is the SP favourite, then this means you either play to Win/Place or Split bet
  • I am using the HRP Platinum Staking Plan and including the following options to play:
  • Win – a straight single bet played to odds on either a ‘win’, ‘place’ or ‘extra place’ market OR a balanced dutch including the SP Favourite and HRP Top Rated
  • Split Stake – where the stake is split between the win and place element
  • Multibet – where the next stake is equally divided between two or more selections and may be placed singly on a win, place bet or combination thereof
  • Dubble Bubble – where I look to get the SP Fav and HRP Top Rated into the relevant bet by using either a win and place bet or on occasion two place bets and the chance of TWO winning bets

11 thoughts on “The Mighty Tosh – Fav %, LSP Races and HRP Top Rated

  1. Avatar
    AbhaRosham276 says:

    Hi There, I am new here and need help to understand balanced Dutch and Dubble Bubble. Are they same or different? Where I can find more information on these two terms?

    • Avatar
      `Goldmine` Gav Summerhill says:

      Hi, the Balanced Dutch is two horse staked to return exactly the same amount. The Dubble Bubble is a bet which can return two winning plays, normally a win and place bet. Does that help?

  2. Avatar
    AbhaRosham276 says:

    Thanks Gav, indeed that helped me. Just a small clarification. In Doubble Bubble the number of horse is 1 or 2?. Is it same as Split as explained in HRP platinum.
    Balanced Dutch seems to be similar to Multi stake strategies.are these my correct understanding?
    Sorry if I am asking silly question but I want to be sure in the terms before starting investing money on bets. So far I am doing paper betting only.

    • Avatar
      `Goldmine` Gav Summerhill says:

      Paper trading is the exact, best way to go. Well done. My advice is to attempt a few paper trade bets using the Dubble Bubble and send me your figures, so I can mark them. In a day or two you will be ready for action. Spend two days working specifically on the Dubble Bubble. You will need races where the HRP TR (or Method Suite selections) is different from the SP Fav. Does that make sense?

      • Avatar
        AbhaRosham276 says:

        Yes Gav, that does make sense to me. I have been doing dry run trading since last two days. Today I have recorded the result of my paper trade. I will share with you in a bit. Appreciate if you can find some to go through the sheet and provide your comments.

        Still Doubble Bubble is bit confusing to me but I tried my best in today’s paper trade. I get confused with Multi Bet.

        To me both, Dobble Bubble (DB) and Multi, appears similar to me. In my excel you can find i have gone with DB. Not sure if I could have gone with Multi or not. Looking forward for your comments. Thanks in advance.

        • Avatar
          AbhaRosham276 says:

          Here are some examples where I get confused. Your help will make me understand it better.
          Example: Consider these two selections, the first one is the Favourite (Win Odd 2.88) and the Second one (Win Odd 4.5) is listed in the “HRP Top Rated”.
          As per my understanding, I can go with Doubble Bubble, the stake will be divided equally i.e. Favourite as Win and HRP Top Rated one as Place.
          Is my above understanding of Dubble Bubble is correct? Or should I go with MULTI, equally splitting the stake and selecting WIN odds for both?

          What factors I should consider in deciding if I should go with Multi Option or Doubble Bubble?

          • Avatar
            AbhaRosham276 says:

            I have dropped you too many queries today. I am sorry about that. I have 1 day of trial left so looking forward to clarify these confusions before tomorrow EOD.

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