Wednesday 26th August 2020 + Summary + New System



16.30 – Lingfield – John Locke. Main threat is Ocean Wind. I hope he blows in the opposite direction as he is a real threat. Odds don’t warrant a split, so fingers crossed for a WIN.

18.00 – Lingfield – Night Moment. I hope William Buick can get his V-8 roaring as this horse lost for us last time out, but should go better today. WIN.

18.30 – Lingfield – Patient Dream. I hope this bugger doesn’t dream too much over 7 furlongs and keeps his concentration. WIN.



18.30 – Lingfield – Patient Dream. See above.


RATCHET – Instructions For Ratchet: 


NEW SYSTEM – Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and a target of half that of Ratchet. I do this for fun.

16.30 – Lingfield – John Locke.

18.00 – Lingfield – Night Moment.

18.30 – Lingfield – Patient Dream.




IF ONLY – how many times do we say that? If only Blind Beggar had beaten our nemesis Ey Up Maggie, all 3 systems would have hit target on Race 1. As it was, it’s like pulling teeth waiting for the results of the next races.

An overall small loss on the day, thanks to losing on Race 1. Let’s hope the better weather tomorrow gives us more realistic results.


12.50 – Catterick – Blind Beggar. Tricky. Ours has run well on its’ last 2 outings but very strong competition in Ey Up Its Maggie. Edging towards a Split, but will probably end up going for a WIN. RESULT – 2nd. Ey Up Maggie beat us & I went for a win. 🙁 On to Race 2.

15.20 – Yarmouth – Ajrad. Quite an open race here. It’s the perfect scenario for a SPLIT. RESULT – 3rd. The 3rd place pulled a bit back from Race 1’s loss. On to Race 3.

16.00 – Catterick – With Thanks. Jeez; another tight one here! Ours prefers softer ground & likes 7 furlongs, which this race is. WIN. RESULT – 1st. At least it pulled me back into profit, albeit not a lot. But it’s better than losing not a lot!



12.50 – Catterick – Blind Beggar. See above. RESULT – 2nd. I took a biggish hit on going for the win.


RATCHET – RESULT – Even though the odds were low, I had a bash at Blind Beggar to place. It duly obliged generating a small profit. Ajrad’s 3rd place at good odds meant I hit target after race 2, so I stopped for the day.



12.50 – Catterick – Blind Beggar. RESULT – 2nd.

16.00 – Catterick – With Thanks. RESULT – 1st.

16.40 – Bellewstown – Bon Retour. RESULT – 3rd.

Target hit after Race 2.

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