Wednesday 19th August 2020 + Summary + New System


PLEASE can Courtandbould win. It would make the day so much more pleasant rather than willing Races 2 and 3 to pick up the pieces.


13.35 – Stratford – Courtandbould. Won for us last time we picked him. Go for the same. WIN.

14.45 – York – Mogul. Sorely tempted to go for a win, but head rules the heart. SPLIT.

15.15 – York – Ghaiyyath. What a bloody stupid name. Even Spellchecker couldn’t handle this one! As above, but the place odds being quite good for a 5 horse race makes it a bit easier. SPLIT.



13.35 – Stratford – Courtandbould. See above.


RATCHET – Instructions For Ratchet: 


NEW SYSTEM – Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and a target of half that of Ratchet. I do this for fun.

14.15 – York – Cloudbridge.

14.45 – York – Mogul.

15.15 – York – Ghaiyyath.




A somewhat mixed bag. OBAD and Ratchet performed well, but due to the sheer incompetence and rubbish horse-ism of the combo, Race 2 buggered everything up. Compound that with Race 3’s pathetic attempt meant a losing day for Tripler. Balanced out the loss by the wins on OBAD and Ratchet.


13.30 – Beverley – Beechwood Donna. Nothing stands out in this race. SPLIT. RESULT – 3rd. Target not hit. On to Race 2.

16.25 – Kempton – Guru. The only outstanding runner in the race. WIN. RESULT – 5th. An absolutely pathetic attempt by a so-called horse and jockey.

17.50 – Fontwell – Buttsbury Lady. Favourite but quite high odds. WIN. RESULT – 5th. Gobsmacked at how useless this run was. Beaten by clod hoppers.



13.30 – Beverley – See above. Just under target but good enough for me.


RATCHET – RESULT: Race 1 came 3rd, which for my stake, was Job Done. Target Hit. No more Ratchet betting for me today.




17.50 – Fontwell – Buttsbury Lady. RESULT – Rubbish. 5th.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 19th August 2020 + Summary + New System

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    JamesHill says:

    really thinking of giving up with this betting i cant seem to get a good way of doing it, I work all day so i need something i can do early and catch up through the day any ideas?

    • Avatar
      GavSummerhill says:

      Try not to give up James, it might be when you are closest to cracking it! How about having a crack at my Club ‘Betting With Gav’ Its important to master something, really master it. A question a day on each club will transform your understanding in a week!

  2. Avatar
    Dr Rob says:

    Hi James.
    I know what you mean; I suffered the same anxieties as I know bugger all about Horse Racing. The best advice I can give is to do what I did – try and master ONE system. As Gav said earlier, try having a good read (probably a couple of times) of his “Club Betting With Gav” page.
    Do a “dry run” to make sure you are on top of it then stick with that.
    I jumped around from one system to another in the early days, but this frustrated me like Hell so I just stick with Tripler, OBAD and Ratchet.
    Hope this helps,

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