Tuesday 9th June 2020 + Summary + New System



17.00 – Wolverhampton – Cuban Dancer. – Franny Norton on board. (Better than Fanny Schmeller!) Bugger it – WIN.

17.30 – Wolverhampton – Kool Moe Dee. Tricky decision. favourite, so tempted for a win, but will WAIT for result of race 1.

18.15 – Chelmsford – Portugueseprincess. Jockey is Adam McNamara. He’s the leader of the Band. SPLIT.


See 17.15 above.


10% bank Stake. Minimum stake is your stake before any loss was made. STOP at 2.5% profit.

MY NEW SYSTEM – Same principle as Ratchet.

13.45 – Haydock – Arctic Vega.

15.00 – Leopardstown – Year Of The Tiger.

18.15 – Chelmsford – Portugueseprincess.





I took an absolute hammering. Every selection failed. Why do Rank Outsiders keep buggering up everything? Get back to pulling milk carts I say.


12.00 – Chelmsford – Captain Bonny. SPLIT. RESULT – this dude is still meandering around Essex, looking for a pub that’s open. LOST

14.00 – Chelmsford – Disco Fever. One of 3 at the top so I’m gonna go for another SPLITRESULT – 7th. LOST.

14.30 – Chelmsford – Maria Rosa. Sticking my neck out and going for a WINRESULT – 4th. LOST.

Please Note – depending on previous results, I may change my mind but the above are good for now.


See 14.30 above. RESULT – LOST

RATCHET – Place Bets only. Stop at 2.5% profit. RESULT – LOST

Same scenario.

MY NEW SYSTEM – Same method as ratchet.

14.00 – Chelmsford – Disco Fever.

14.30 – Chelmsford – Maria Rosa.


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