Are you lost in a sea of daily emails which promise to improve your fortunes overnight, but they are actually just rubbish betting systems which end up losing you money?

Have you ever found yourself betting blindly on tips that you have received from so called internet tipsters?

Today you have landed upon the only betting solution you will ever need – which means your luck has finally changed!

In fact, this is the story we hear from our new members all the time, who are now satisfied with a great service and who wish they had found us sooner. They no longer have to keep opening emails which promise the earth, don’t deliver and then disappear over night.


If you have not yet found a service that could enable you to build a big enough betting bank in terms of growth, to deliver what you need in daily income..

We have good news, along with the game-changer you have been looking for!

For the past 5 years we have established ongoing and superb results from our daily betting techniques.

We continually improve and have now made working with our service even better and even easier! We have a great community of members who contribute to a friendly and exciting daily site experience.

What set us apart from the rest, and what do we actually do?



In the UK and Ireland, everyday we analyse every single race, every horse, every jockey, every trainer, every possible statistic available.

We then use our own unique scoring and rating systems and present the information in an easy to use fully-streamlined format.


We also do that for every single horse race in the USA, Australia. But that’s not all… we also do it for global football matches, global tennis matches and UK greyhound races.

Why is this good for you?

Because it gives the very best opportunity to make your betting investments pay!

YOU WILL GET the very best chance of making consistent RETURNS through the skilful interpretation of horse race EXCHANGE markets AND OUR SELECTED SPORTS BETTING MARKETS

The Horse Race Predictor is widely regarded as the number one UK & Irish Horse Racing Service but not everybody knows the full extent of what we offer to the genuine player looking for daily profit.

Let Me Ask You A Question:

Have you heard that some people make a great living by successful and systematic betting on UK & Irish horse racing and selective sports, and you can do it from most places in the world?!?

If your answer is ‘Yes,’ we have good news, because these people are on our site, and you can join them!

You can learn our ‘3 Steps To Making A Living From Successful Betting’.

With our membership you get personalised and direct coaching to really make the most of our service.

We face challenging times with hardships experienced by many people, and the need to make sound investments for the future is greater than ever.

We are a transparent and live 24/7/365 service – not an anonymous product pdf. which is presented by anonymous person who you never see again after purchase.

Moreover, we are here to help you and bet alongside you every day, and at whatever level of experience you bring to the table.

Everyone knows that we are unbeatable industry leading experts in UK & Irish horse racing.

Moving forward, there is a massive explosion of sporting events ahead, with many other events in football, tennis and more, representing perfect openings every day for our proven expertise and unrivalled predictive software.

When you couple that with our established knowledge of optimum staking and bet placement techniques, you will be winning consistently and developing a crucial new income stream in the most pleasurable way.

If you take some simple action steps now – in 2- 3 months, you can be joining our community of members all earning around £250 per day profit!

So – Isn’t It Time To Take our 3 simple steps to making a living (or very decent 2nd income) with successful betting?

If you ready to take your betting experience to an entirely new level, then please let me introduce our unparalleled ‘3 Steps To Success’ concept.

We designed this service exclusively for those who demand the best when it comes to horse race, football and wider sports betting.

It is ideal for a complete beginner looking to learn how to be successful or a seasoned campaigner seeking to improve the consistency and amount of his daily profits.

Why Choose The Sporting Predictor?

1. Tailored Strategies: One size does not fit all in the betting world. Our VIP service offers personalized strategies that suit your risk tolerance and preferences, maximizing your chances of success.

2. Exclusive Community: Join a community of like-minded bettors who are dedicated to refining their skills and sharing insights. Connect with fellow VIP members, share experiences, and collectively celebrate those winning moments.

As a VIP member following our ‘3 Steps To Success’ strategy, you will experience horse race betting in a whole new way. Your betting decisions will be backed by our data-driven insights, expert opinions, and a community of enthusiastic bettors who share your desire to be successful.

Do not settle for mediocrity when it comes to successful betting!

As part of our VIP Service, you can unleash the potential for consistent wins.

Space is limited, and this opportunity is exclusive.

Do not miss out on securing your spot among the elite bettors who enjoy a distinct advantage.

I sense you are ready to elevate your betting game, am I right?

If so, here is another question:

Do you remember when you learnt to drive or changed jobs and had to learn new routines for each day?

Our 3-Step Strategy for making a living from successful betting, it is quite similar to that very situation.

However, there is a well-defined pathway to being able to earn a living (or a very decent second income) and we have it all mapped out for our members.

Once you join our service, we give you the advice, the bets, the tools and the strategies to put yourself into the top 2% of anyone who likes to have a bet.

That is, people who bet successfully and actually make their daily, weekly and monthly efforts pay.

With our service the real secret of betting success is not simply a suitable selection of horses, but the absolute best betting strategy for the selections you have made.
We present to our members just that, a combination of unified but simple betting strategies, which give you the optimum path to daily profits.

In a sense, there are only 3 things you need to know to be successful on our site:

1. Which bets are you working with
2. Where do you find those bets
3. How do you best stake those bets?

So, if you are interested in making a living (or a very decent second income) here are the 3-Steps:

1. Join and follow along with our easy-to-use manual betting systems (Lieutenant K, Gav and Doctor Rob run multiple systems each day in the members lounge and forum areas). These are fully supported and guided methods of profitable betting.
2. If you like the idea of our unique Bet Automation software, then spend an hour with our tutorials on how to copy and paste our site bets, then load them onto the automation software for additional profit campaigns (full instructions in forum and member area tutorial)
3. Click a button once and install our fully automated systems onto your computer – there is no more to do at that point (Full download and installations buttons available as a total ‘one-click’)

If you follow our step-by-step plan – in a few short weeks, you could be well on the road to adding a tax-free £70,000 annual income to your family and lifestyle.

Isn’t that worth going for, and isn’t that worth doing?

24/7/365 PROFITS

The Sporting Predictor ’24hr Profit Service’ is underway and tackling UK Racing, Irish Racing, Australian Racing, US Racing, UK Greyhounds, Tennis and Global Football.

Everything we have just mentioned is covered by individual, fully updating 24/7/365 live and kicking websites, which all members have full daily access to.

The 24 Hour Schedule:

8:00AM to 8:00AM (24hrs) – Global Football
8:45AM to 10:00PM – Greyhound Racing
1:00PM to 8:30PM – UK & Irish Horse Racing
4:30PM to 3:00AM – US Horse Racing
1:00AM to 8:00AM – Australian Horse Racing

GOOD NEWS! You dont have to stay awake for 24 hours!

In fact you dont have to follow it all….

We have now introduced 24 Hour betting automation profiles to create an unstoppable and fully guided pathway to optimise your investment in terms of bank growth and daily profits.

You can now even make money whilst you sleep.

“The Sporting Predictor 24 hour automation is like having your own personal betting expert, who never sleeps, and is working around the clock trying to maximise your bank growth.”

Join with us today and enhance your chance of financial growth through successful betting

The knowledge which underpins this opportunity hasn’t just dropped out of the sky, it has been won by dedicated commitment to providing a superb and user-friendly service for our members, plus thousands of bets, studied and analysed by daily betting and totally transparent results provided each day.

What we have created is fully backed up by member results, live daily betting and full historical analysis.

This is an opportunity to simply follow ‘step by step’, alongside our experts, playing the same bets and getting the same fantastic results on autopilot via betting automation, or by the thrill of manually placing the bets you need, to transform your personal fortunes.

You can start with as little or as much as you like!

Successful players will know that successful betting is measured over a period of time.

Not one or two bets, one or two days or even one or two weeks!

Here is a graph showing 5 weeks of betting results from one of our daily systems, and it is a steadily rising curve.

However, within that steadily rising curve are ‘mini’ peaks and troughs as the results stack up and our flagship staking strategies build up your bank growth over the medium to long-term.

Look at what we achieve in terms of bank growth profitabilty. 


Steady consistent growth over time, reinvested and used alongside our fully proven staking strategies can yield amazing results.

Everyone who starts in betting investment, from a total beginner to the most successful players have to take their initial bank from growth stage to income stage. The fact of the matter is that no-one gives you that chance better than us.

Just look at how just a 2.5% daily profit can grow your bank over time.

Simply enter 2.5% and 180 days into the calculator below to see the effects on your start bank.

Calculate How Much You Could Make…

Here is an example of what you can wake up to after a good nights sleep….


This screenshot shows our overnight Australian horse racing profile and is a great example of what can be achieved using our 24 hour profit automation.


So the earlier screenshot is what you could wake up and for completing one aspect of our 24hr profile here are the Greyhound Predictor bets working away from 8am to 9pm each day with our selecting ‘GP Bankers’


Spanning the whole 24hr Profit Service cycle we are playing selected Football matches from across the planet which are played using one of our unique and bespoke staking systems.

Here you can see a superb ‘Slow Burn-Big Fire’ + 27% growth in less than a week of 24hr global football from our Football Predictor.


UK & Ireland Horse Racing – Capitalising on our core strength during the afternoon and evening horse racing we keep boosting returns with these selective bets from the days roster


Taking the late afternoon to early the next morning slot – we are working away at the national Stateside US horse racing with targeted bets draw each day from the USA Predictor.. the screenshot shows it all chugging away nicely with a ‘Slow Burn-Big Fire’ profit yield of around 42.4% over 9 days. 

With our terchnology you could take as little as £60 to £10,000 or more in the shortest time possible, side by side with us on the site.

The genius of what we have put together is that we have multiple modes of play each offering different bank building tempos.

This is so you can enjoy the exact balance between rock solid safety and exciting, progressive daily bank growth.

Not only could you grow your opening bank to £10,000 and £250 profit per day (minimum), you can establish a ‘nest egg’ of reserve capital which you never even touch for day to day betting!

This builds security and confidence into your daily campaign and can be worked by people who only have the time to place just one bet a day or can work completely alongside us for maximum bank growth and profit returns.

We offer a complete product and methodology in itself.

You don’t need to be stuck by a computer all day, your daily targets are often reached in just one bet, or maybe two.

Here are some messages from our members area live chat facility:

This is truly a superb opportunity for a player with any level of experience to take advantage of our immense experience, expertise and rock-solid daily and long-term strategies.

Here is what some of our long term members say:

“I genuinely feel privileged to have joined the HRP team/family. I only joined because a trusted friend recommended them. Seeing the ads I’d have assumed it was too good to be true. I took a leap of faith I’m so glad I did, it’s unlike any other service, I saw those ads from other services in the past: “WINNER 33/1 WINNER 25/1” I saw these ads and I’m ashamed to admit I paid and fell for them. HRP offers and delivers steady consistent profits, I’d go so far as to say it doesn’t even feel like gambling anymore, I now feel like an investor, even on the rare occasion I’m down on the day, I feel no stress, I’m so confident, in the long run any losses will be recuperated. HRP has changed my outlook on sports betting/investing.”

Shaun / Current Member

“As regards the dutch campaign that is running splendidly. I am running it on all UK, USA and Australian racing using a dutch bet automated plan. The more I use HRP the more I appreciate how good it is. Its wonderful if you want to make a quick 2% before lunch just use the greyhound predictor. I am really getting to know how HRP works now and fitting it in with my style of betting. Thanks again”

Peter / Long Term Member




So take this limited offer today and you will also receive…


We are consistently approached by people asking for direct and personalised coaching. Now for the first time ever we are offering a “one to one” VIP Personal Coaching service for not only the 50K Club strategy itself but for the optimum daily use of our entire service.

What does this mean to you exactly and why is this offer so special?

It means that when you sign up, you will be able to tap into the unparalleled horse race betting knowledge of Gav Summerhill and the Sporting Predictor Team.

You will get Exclusive access to our astonishing C20 Jackpot & Rapid Bank Builder Club (please see extended details above)

Who is this suitable for?

This is suitable for EVERYONE whether you are:

  • Someone with little or no free time that wants to supplement their income.
  • A complete novice when it comes to betting for profit.
  • A player who is able to make a full time daily commitment to profitable betting.
  • Someone who wishes to develop a part time income.
  • An experienced player who wants to take things to the next level.
  • An intermediate player who wishes to become fully professional.

What does VIP Personal Coaching consist of?

  • A unique assessment that looks at where you are and where you want to be.
  • Regular weekly feedback sessions with a dedicated HRP team leader.
  • Personal access to Gav Summerhll who will oversee your progress.
  • Bespoke recommendations to create your own personal action plan.
  • We will help you get the most out of your daily routine to ensure maximum success with our betting strategies.
  • Lifetime Access to all Predictor sites with no monthly payments.
  • Optional Automation Access

Your peace of mind…

“We Absolutely Guarantee that All our Quoted Results and Service Features have Been Extensively Road Tested By Us and Current Members During Live Day to Day Betting And Are 100% Genuine.”



Remember there are only 5 Places every month…

Don’t be the 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th person who tries to say YES this month!

Looking Ahead – Summary

There is a massive explosion of sporting events ahead. Everyone knows that we are unbeatable industry leading experts in UK & Irish horse racing. But there are many other events in football, tennis and more, which represent perfect openings for our proven expertise and unrivaled predictive software. When you couple that with our established knowledge of optimum staking and bet techniques, you are assured to be winning consistently and developing a crucial new income stream in the most pleasurable way.

We are offering, along with access to the Celestial C20 Jackpot & Rapid Daily Banker Builder PLUS VIP Personal Coaching… a full ‘access all areas’ pass with no monthly fee, including our bet automation software.

This will be at a nominal ‘one time only’ payment and will give you the following benefits:

  • Full lifetime VIP access to all six sites
  • Exclusive access to our astonishing 50k Club, C20 Jackpot & Rapid Bank Builder Club and The Holy 7 (please see extended details below)
  • VIP Personal coaching from Gav and other site experts on daily betting strategy and techniques.
  • All Premium HRP EXCEL Spreadsheets
  • Full bet automation and access to the ‘master settings’ (used by all our elite earning members)
  • Monthly Masterclass Webinars

So, for a ‘one time only’ fee, which represents a HUGE discount on membership costs, you will get total access and no monthly overheads while you relax and build up your betting capital each day under the wing of myself and other site experts.

This offer is a no brainer and a great way to ensure this year is your best ever year.

Remember we only have a limited number of places available for this per month.

With our service, the real secret of betting success is not simply a good selection of horses, but the absolute best betting strategy for the selections you have made.

Here we have just that, a betting strategy which gives you absolutely everything.

“The Celestial C20 Jackpot & Rapid Daily Bank Builder System are like Betting Witchcraft…”

Members are Loving it!

This is CRAZY! Why are we giving you access to the24 Hour Profit Service, £50K Club, C20, Rapid Daily Bank Builder AND ALL our sites for one price? Because we want YOU to be successful and with this insane offer you will get everything you need…

Just think of what you have to GAIN here:

1. A virtual free pass into every element of what we do, in terms of profitable daily betting. Includes The 24 hour profit service, £50K Club, C20 Jackpot Club and The Holy 7 and much more!!!

2. Savings so huge we can’t believe we are doing it.

3. A unique chance to join the insider club of betting enthusiasts who are making it pay and have kissed money worries goodbye.

4. We are offering you full access to ALL our sporting predictor services at an insane price! Access them all and focus on the ones that work best for you…

What could you LOSE?

1. You might lose the chance to be a member at this price plus the chance to get all the extras include in this deal, we can’t hold it forever.

2. An opportunity to give yourself a morale boosting kick start and springboard into profit and peace of mind.

Don’t miss out. Come on board and be part of our community!


To Clarify….You get access to The Horse Race Predictor plus all the other Sporting Predictor websites for a low one-off payment.

And Remember, all our sporting predictor services deliver consistent winning bets week-in-week-out!

(EACH SITE USUALLY COSTS £77/m each!  Take this offer today and you get LIFETIME membership to all 6!!! This is an UNMISSABLE ONE TIME OFFER!


The Sporting Predictor 6 x Site Access  – Lifetime access to All six sites for a one-time payment!!!!


  • The Horse Race Predictor UK & Ireland
  • The Horse Race Predictor USA (included free)
  • The Horse Race Predictor Australia (included free)
  • Football Predictor (included free)
  • Greyhound Predictor (included free)
  • Tennis Predictor (included free)

Why am I seeing this special offer?

You are in the right place at the right time. But hurry this offer won’t be around for much longer.

Can I get started today?

Yes you can…

1. The members area is totally focused on ease of use with practical guides to getting started making profits in the quickest and most simple way possible.

2. We have Guru Betting Clubs are arranged into Beginner,  Intermediate and Advanced categories so whatever your level you can start making a profit today.

2.We will give you access to ALL The Predictor Sites for a never to be repeated price.

3. You will get access to ALL betting clubs and systems.

4. Access to a complete Learning Management System for your training.

So to recap…

Join today and will you get LIFETIME access to ALL THE PREDICTOR sites for a never to be repeated price…..


Includes access to:

The Horse Race Predictor UK & Ireland

The Horse Race Predictor USA

The Horse Race Predictor Australia

The Greyhound Predictor

The Football Predictor

The Tennis Predictor

The price will be £997 BUT If you take this deal right now,  we will give you membership for just £397(without automation) or £497(with Automation)  BUT YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW

The Horse Race Predictor

Our Flagship site which covers all UK & Irish Horse Racing. Forensic, user friendly access to a complete system of guided betting on every race in the UK & Ireland 7 days a week. Unrivalled predictions and profitable betting techniques given race by race. Tools, guided staking, bet automation available.

The Horse Race Predictor

Usually (£129/m)

The Horse Race Predictor

Usually (£129/m)


The Horse Race Predictor – Australia

he essential window into the midnight and early hours (UK) world of exciting, Aussie racing. Which is actually, set up very similar to our own. Full coverage of the racing track by track, with predictions and analysis options above and beyond anything available elsewhere. A highly profitable addition to the betting armoury. Bet automation available.

The Horse Race Predictor – Australia

(Usually £77/m)

The Horse Race Predictor – Australia

(Usually £77/m)


The Horse Race Predictor – USA

USA. When the UK & Irish racing is ending each afternoon, the US racing programme gets underway. We have it covered with a unique distillation of all the known form and superior bet techniques, both will turn your play into a profitable pastime each day. With most US racing on free to air terrestrial TV via Sky/At The Races you have never been better placed to focus on the fascinating world of US horse racing. Ideal for people working a 9-5 job and who would like a way-in to profitable betting when they get home in the evening and at weekends.

The Horse Race Predictor – USA

(Usually £77/m)

The Horse Race Predictor – USA

(Usually £77/m)


The Football Predictor

Our ground breaking, global football betting brain is the tool of choice for the enthusiast who wants a user friendly and money spinning window into the specialist bets and form analysis angles which give you the biggest profit edge available. We cover world football and something is going on just about every hour of the day. You will never bet alone with The Football Predictor. Tools, guided staking, bet automation available.

The Football Predictor

(Usually £77/m)

The Football Predictor

(Usually £77/m)


The Greyhound Predictor

The UK Greyhound programme is both fascinating, enjoyable and vast. We offer an unrivalled service in covering all the key morning, afternoon and evening meetings the length and breadth of the country. From pure ‘Banker’ type win bets to smart brain multi-dog dutch bets, we give you the easy window into how to make your racing pay. Perfect for someone looking to master a profitable betting approach at varied and unpredictable hours of the day. Racing is 7 days a week and WE cover it all. Tools, guided staking, bet automation available.

The Greyhound Predictor

(Usually £77/m)

The Greyhound Predictor

(Usually £77/m)


The Tennis Predictor

Sporting Predictor proudly present in-depth, easy to grip access to the thrilling world of the global tennis tours. We work with both the men’s and womens’ tour. Providing a unique form and performance into the players, with pictures and logical form based predictions this site puts the icing on your betting cake. With a balanced distillation of bets based on odds, strike rate and risk, we nail the pathway to regular profit returns from a truly enjoyable area of specialisation. Easy money. week and cover it all. Tools, guided staking, bet automation available.

The Tennis Predictor

(Usually £77/m)

The Tennis Predictor

(Usually £77/m)


Do I have your attention?

Great, but before I tell you exactly how the above figures are possible let me tell you a bit about The Horse Race Predictor and The Sporting Predictor.

The Sporting Predictor is a family of websites which include:

  • The Horse Race Predictor UK & Ireland
  • The Horse Race Predictor USA
  • The Horse Race Predictor Australia
  • The Greyhound Predictor UK
  • The Tennis Predictor
  • The Football Predictor

The Sporting Predictor

Providing WInners since 2018

The Sporting Predictor sites provide the methods and selections that aim to consistently make a profit everyday giving YOU the edge on the betting markets.

Each of our websites has a members area with 24 hour live updating selections, methods, live members chat and more. In addition our members areas include well thought out and unique rating systems and colour coding to help you identify the strongest betting opportunities. We also have a team of gurus that you can follow along with daily. We cover all different levels of experience so even if you are a new starter we have you covered.

Our systems are concentrated on making a daily profit target by using mathematical and statistical analysis, unique staking plans and tried and tested methods. By focusing on the data and probabilities we can consistently achieve daily set targets. We don’t regard our approach as gambling but more of a very real opportunity to grow your bank balance.

The Best Horse Racing Program…

“I’ve been involved in the racing for over 40 years as a track rider, Owner and punter and without a shadow of a doubt this is the best horse racing program I’ve seen and been involved with” Steve – Australia

HRP Gives you a massive Edge

“Winner after winner, HRP gives you a massive edge” Craig – UK

The Best Horse Racing Systems we have reviewed in over 10 Years

“The Horse Race Predictor is without doubt the best horse racing tipster service we have reviewed in over ten years” CashMaster – UK

OK Let me show you how it’s possible to turn £250 into OVER £50K in just 365 Days…

This is a conservative figure too based on 1.5% daily profit target. We often attain more but lets look at a starting bank of £250 using 1.5%.

Day 1: £253.75

Day 30: £390.77

Day 240: £8,908.20

Day 365: £57,285.60

I’m sure you will agree that these figures are astonishing. They are based on compound daily interest (Einstein described Compound Daily Interest as “the 8th Wonder of the World”)

There is no bank or hedge fund on Earth which could match 1.5% daily interest. In fact you would be lucky to make 1.5% interest in a year!!!

Use our calculator to see how much YOU could aim to earn in 365 days by entering your starting bank, a daily interest between 1.5% and 2.5% and 365 days as the term.

Many of our top earners do 5% a day. Just tap that in the calculator and see what type of returns you can generate if you rise to their level (with our help)

There is also nothing to stop you reaching say £10,000 and then simply withdrawing £150 to £250 per day from your betting account.

Calculate How Much You Can Make…

I know nothing about sports betting and have never placed a bet before. Is this for me?

Click to read this from member Dr Rob who now runs our Beginners/New Starters Club in the Horse Race Predictor Members Area

“This is just a brief introduction as to how and why I am here and doing this.

13 years ago, my wife suffered with a severe illness which forced me to change my job from a Commercial Mortgage Manager with a Bank (I loved that job) to a Postman! (Because the hours were less allowing me more time at home.) As you can imagine, my salary dropped quite a lot and we also lost out on my wife’s income. Last year, because of all these years of stress, I had to leave my job on health grounds. Income hammered!

I have spent YEARS and a LOT of hard earned money looking at ways to increase our income. I bought courses on betting, Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Alibaba, Book Selling. I even paid for a course on “How To Win The Lottery”. Can you believe it? Every one of these was going to be the answer. Guess what the result was? Yea, absolutely NOTHING. Well, if you take into account the cost of these courses, along with the cost of starting them, I lost a load of money.

A few years ago, one of the courses I paid for was by a old school bloke. His software was brilliant, but I am a total “non horse person” so never really had the confidence in myself or the discipline needed to follow it through. More money gone.

Then, a few months ago, I received an email from a bloke called Gav Summerhill.

I must point out that horse racing bored me rigid. I didn’t like it I didn’t know anything about it, apart from my annual bet on the Grand National. I didn’t know the difference between a filly and, whatever the other is called. I’m still not a horse racing person. Obviously, I knew a few of the top jockeys and trainers names. I also knew of races like Cheltenham, Aintree etc. But that was about it. (I even removed the Horse Racing Channel from my Virgin box because I never ever watched it. It simply did not appeal.

There was one thing though about horse racing that DID appeal: I knew some people were making a fortune betting on the races. It was however, betting on something that I knew nothing about and didn’t want to learn about.

I read Gav’s email and it was about something called The Horse Racing Predictor. “Not another scheme” I thought, but I clicked the link anyway.

They had an offer which I took up as it really did look good. The software they were using was awesome. But I didn’t know how to use it properly. Terms like “Dutching” and “Double Bubble” simply flew over my head. So, my trial soon ended. I then paid for a full month thinking I was going to make a stack of money – but I didn’t. I didn’t know what I was doing so lost interest as well as my money on the subscription. Subscription cancelled, more money gone. Here we go again.

Then, I got another email from Gav Summerhill saying that they had listened to a lot of people and what these people were asking for was simply a pick of the best horses with a great chance of winning. Or at least Placing in the top 2, 3 or 4, which should give a nice return for not a lot of work. THAT is what I was looking for as well.

I paid for the subscription for the “One Bet A Day” system, which soon had “The Tripler” system added. That was JUST what I was looking for. Then, when I actually read the Home Page, there was something called the “Tripler Place Ratchet System.”

Now, I do all 3: I play the One Bet A Day, Tripler and Tripler Place Ratchet systems. This takes me about 10 minutes to set up in the morning.


My initial thoughts were that these Gurus were making a ton of money. I knew I wasn’t in their league, but my thoughts were along the lines of: If I had £100 in the Bank, I would receive £1 back after a year – IF I’M LUCKY!. If I could make a percent or two a DAY, that would be all I was looking for.

I started with a Bank of £100 (I know, it’s not an earth shattering amount) but after a few weeks, my Bank grew to well over £200. I appreciate this isn’t in the same league as these Gurus, but it was a Hell of a lot better than a quid in a year!

For the first time, I can actually look forward to a rather decent Bank amount after a year. There will be (and have been) days when I have lost. I know they can’t predict winners on every race. But, I also know that the Law of Averages, combined with faith in their software, I will be up in the long run.

So as not to bore you with a really long piece of script, I will put together details of what I do every morning. I hope, if you come along on this journey with me, you too will be able to see light at the end of the tunnel. Especially for those people like me who STILL hasn’t got the faintest idea of horses, form, conditions, handicaps, Grades, chases etc. (That to me still goes right over my head!)” – Dr. Rob

Will I not get Banned from the Bookmakers if I win ALL the Time?

We do not use standard bookmakers we use the exchange markets. By using Betfair Exchange and BetDaq we are playing against other players rather than against the bookies so the issue of getting banned is NOT A PROBLEM.

Can I use this in my Country?

We recommend our members to have a Betfair account. Click here to see if you can use Betfair in your Country

Betfair is currently available to customers in over 40 countries world wide with nine nations currently holding a Betfair licence. As with many bookmakers and betting exchanges, the evolution of gaming laws across the world continually impacts which nations can and which nations cannot bet and trade with Betfair.

In order to help you in working out whether you can legally access the Betfair site, the following is a list of legal countries from which Betfair do accept customers:

  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Guatemala
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Panama
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Includes access to:

The 50K Club

C20 and Rapid Daily Bank Builder

The Holy 7

The Horse Race Predictor UK & Ireland

The Horse Race Predictor USA

The Horse Race Predictor Australia

The Greyhound Predictor

The Football Predictor

The Tennis Predictor

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