Tuesday 11th August 2020 + Summary + New System

Yesterday’s trip to Southport proved to be a Non Runner, but a nice trip to the seaside. Trouble is at Southport, the sea is so far out you can walk to Ireland.




16.30 – Perth – Petrastar. Great track record and favoured here again. WIN.

16.40 – Wolverhampton – Come On Bear. Jockey is one of the Mitchell brothers, so don’t argue with him! WIN.

17.55 – Lingfield – Volcano Bay. Favourite, but good early odds. Jockey is Les Dawson so I hope the weight doesn’t cause an issue. WIN



16.30 – Perth – Petrastar. See above.


RATCHET  – Instructions For Ratchet: http://bit.ly/35tpfR 


NEW SYSTEM – Same principles as Ratchet but with 50% stake and 50% Target. I do this just for fun.

16.30 – Perth – Petrastar.

16.40 – Wolverhampton – Come On Bear.

17.55 – Lingfield – Volcano Bay.

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