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The C20 Profiles contain 3 systems (MainFrame, RDBB, MITB)

Please select the version you require depending on which exchange you are operating. The Betdaq version includes selections where certain markets are not available on Betfair.

To import the profile,

1. open a new instance of TBM

2. Click “Global TBM settings”

3. Click “Import Profile”

4. Where it says “Create New Profile?” Enter a name for the profile eg C20-Betfair and then click “Import Profile into New Profile”.

5. Navigate to where you saved the profile and wait a few seconds for it to load.

6. Click Save

All systems will be in Test Mode by default. To turn off test mode for a system click Series & Settings and uncheck Test Mode  on the Bet Placement Tab.



*Updated 26th September 2023



*Updated 26th September 2023



Changes you can make to Market Placement Options

When using automation, the rules that the software follows for market placement can be adjusted.

What does this mean exactly?

The market placement options are the criteria/rules that the software uses for deciding what type of bet to place eg. Depending on the odds the software will take the decison to play the bet in 1. the extra place market 2. the place market or 3. the win market 4. Skip the bet.

In the default profiles for Betfair and Betdaq above, the market placement options for each of the three systems (Mainframe,RDBB and MITB) are all set as follows.

1. If the market price at the time of placing the bet for extra place is 1.1 or above then the software will place the bet in the extra place market….ELSE

2.If the market price for the place market is 1.1 or above then the software will place the bet in the place market….ELSE

3.If the market price for the place market is less than 1.1 then the software will place the bet in the Win Market if the win market odds are less than 1.31. Otherwise the bet will be will be skipped.

Here is a screenshot of these settings.

You can however make changes to these market placement options.

For example you could…

1.Slightly lower the odds for selection of extra place (say 1.08) markets,

2.Keep the place odds cut off as 1.1

3. If it cant get place odds of 1.1 then instead of playing the win market you could choose No bet.

Here is a screenshot of how that would look:

A third option could be as above but  only taking the win bet if odds win odds are 1.25 or less otherwise No Bet.

Lets see the settings for that….


In the default settings for the Betfair and Betdaq profiles, each of the systems now have Daily Refresh Turned OFF which means that

  1. It is up to the member to manually turn the system on if turned off. This would also mean manually archiving the series and ticking updating the cumulative total option.
  2. If you would like to continue the session then you can do so by not archiving the series or resetting the session.

Why is this of importance?

Let’s say you have been running RDBB and you want to roll on the session to the next day. If daily Rferesh is turned on then the software will start a new session, recalibrate the bank and work out your new starting stake. So by default the Daily Refresh option is turned off. (see image below)

Here are some examples of the results

Main Frame Growth

Main Frame Income




Hopefully at the end of each day it should look like this

2 thoughts on “Celestial C20 Club – Medium Term Investment Bank, Rapid Daily Bank Builder, Jackpot Mainframe Bank, C20 Football, Tennis & Sports Bet Runs – Automation

  1. Avatar
    Paul Dodimead says:

    looking at yesterday’s results I noticed a discepancy between your results and mine. The 18.05 Downpatrick race should have been a 4TBP bet, and indeed your results showed a win, but my bet placed TBM on auto was a 3TBP bet and therefore lost? How can this be, surely TBM should be placing the same bets as yours?
    I’ve also got to question the odds on this race. you show odds of 1.2 for a 4TBP bet, but my losing 3TBP bet only had odds of 1.15? I have lost 30% of my bank in 3 days.

    • Lieutenant_K
      Lieutenant_K says:

      The results on the site are what Gav and I do manually, we look for the best price on offer at the time and I flick between Betfair & Betdaq (I’ve actual place bets a couple of minutes before the off time if I could see the odds dropping and wanted to get on the 4tbp bet before the odds dropped below the minimum). I will also put an order in for a price (usually 1 or 2 ticks above what on offer at the time) and 9 times out of 10 it will get matched. That 18.05 race I put a order in at 1.13 in the 4tbp which was matched at 17:40 so Gav must have got a better price at some stage.

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