Thursday 20th August 2020 + Summary + New System


Looks to be some good stuff today. Looking forward to some great results. At last, horses with normal, short names 🙂


13.45 – York – Sacred. Great odds for a win. I hope Mr Marquand pulls it off. WIN.

15.15 – York – Love. Our old mucca, the famous soccer commentator Brian Moore is on board. Even at the age of 109, he should cruise this one. WIN.

18.00 – Chester – Spright. Clifford Lee Van Cleef rides ours. Stiff competition from a newish horse. Swayed to go SPLIT.



15.15 – York – Love. See above.


RATCHET – Instructions For Ratchet: 


NEW SYSTEM – Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and a target of half that of Ratchet. I do this for fun.

13.45 – York – Sacred.

15.15 – York – Love.




Courtandbould let us down badly in Race 1, but a good 3rd and a win in the Win and Place markets in Race 3 gave me a tiny profit. The same horse let us down on OBAD but a bit of a recovery on Ratchet.


13.35 – Stratford – Courtandbould. Won for us last time we picked him. Go for the same. WIN. RESULT – 2nd. Bugger!

14.45 – York – Mogul. Sorely tempted to go for a win, but head rules the heart. SPLIT. RESULT – 3rd.

15.15 – York – Ghaiyyath. What a bloody stupid name. Even Spellchecker couldn’t handle this one! As above, but the place odds being quite good for a 5 horse race makes it a bit easier. SPLIT. RESULT – 1st.



13.35 – Stratford – Courtandbould. See above.


RATCHETRESULT – 2nd in Race 1 & 3rd in race 2 hit my target. I stopped for the day.



14.15 – York – Cloudbridge. RESULT – What a joke! 8th out of 8!

14.45 – York – Mogul. RESULT – 3rd.

15.15 – York – Ghaiyyath. RESULT – 1st.

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