Thursday 13th August 2020 + Summary + New System


Yesterday was exceptional for winners. Today isn’t looking as outstanding but all we’re after is a profit of 2.5%. How we get there is irrelevant; just let’s get there.  🙂


14.20 – Salisbury – Award Scheme. A step up in class for our selection but showed plenty of power in its’ last outing. Place Odds look decent. SPLIT.

17.00 – Bath – Professor Gallant. 5th out of 14 on last run but showed tremendous potential. Thinking of a win; more than likely SPLIT.

17.10 – Tramore – Elegant Dan. Yet again, I will be looking at a SPLIT as there are no head and shoulders obvious favourites.



14.20 – Salisbury – Award Scheme. As Above.


RATCHET – Instructions For Ratchet: 


NEW SYSTEM – Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and a target of half that of Ratchet. I do this for fun.

14.20 – Salisbury – Award Scheme.

15.30 – Leopardstown – Dawn Patrol.

18.45 – Tramore – Chead Solas.




I love days like these. When OBAD is the first race in the Tripler selection and it won. Makes life so much easier. Targets hit on every system. FAB YOU LUSS as John Barrowman would say.

13.35 – Beverley – Pythagoras. Came 2nd last time out. Up against newcomers. WIN. RESULT – 1st. Job Done. Target Hit. No more Tripler betting for me today.

14.30 – Gowran Park – Laburnum. I’m looking at a SPLIT on this one. RESULT – 1st.

19.40 – Wolverhampton – Tasaamuh. WIN. RESULT – 1st.

Well, if you had gone on all 3 races, you would have had a bumper day 🙂 As it is, I am more than satisfied to stop betting as soon as I have hit my target. I have been bitten too many times for chasing winners, so good luck if you did all 3. I’m happy with 1 out of 1.



13.35 – Beverley – Pythagoras. RESULT – 1st. Job Done. Target Hit.


RATCHETRESULT – Race 1 meant Job Done. Target Hit & the end of my Ratchet betting for today.



14.20 – Kempton – Last Sunset. RESULT – 2nd.

19.10 – Wolverhampton – Ilaraab. RESULT – 1st.

Not a bad day’s results for my new system 🙂

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