Saturday 6th June 2020 + Summary + My New System

Before I do anything, a big RESPECT for the Gents & Ladies involved in the Normandy landings, 76 years ago today. I visited the D-Day Beaches last year with my 2 brothers. Great trip but very, very humbling.



14.25 – Newmarket – Terebellum. Good old Frankie Dettori on board. Will probably go for a WIN but will wait to see what the Place odds are a bit nearer the off.

15.35 – Newmarket – Pinatubo. William Buick rides this one. The odds are MASSIVELY in his favour so I hope his engine is as good as the automobile namesake. WIN.

19.50 – Lingfield – Mr. Poy. The favourite, but another couple of horses are pushing him. I hope the jockey, Charlie Bennett & his Rebel Rousers do the job. WIN.


See 15.35 above.


Same principles as always.

MY NEW SYSTEM – Similar to ratchet. Place Bets only and STOP at 2.5% profit. You can choose your own stake; personally, I use a 5% bank Stake.

14.25 – Newmarket – Terebellum.

15.00 – Newmarket – Waldkonig.

15.35 – Newmarket – Pinatubo.

19.50 – Lingfield – Mr. Poy.





14.25 – Newmarket – Brando. SPLIT. Marlon cocked up & LOST.

14.40 – Lingfield – Miss Yoda. A new recruit from the Star Wars stable. Well out in front thinks I. WIN. A nice winner. You I thank Yoda.

15.35 – Newmarket – Defoe. Daniel or Jermaine. Well, whichever it was is still running. LOST.

Small loss on Tripler overall.


See 14.25 above. Marlon, you div. You LOST.


Our Star Wars pal brought us back into a small profit only to see Defoe run like a pleb. Loss for the day.

Let’s keep positive for a bumper day tomorrow.

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