Saturday 22nd August 2020 + Summary + New System


Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we end a fabulous week on another high.


13.50 – York – Lord Glitters. I hope it’s Daniel Tudhope & not Daniel No-Hope. Sorely tempted to put it all on a win, but head rules the heart –SPLIT.

17.05 – Killarney – Galvin. Hope they don’t bump into each other in this huge race of 3 horses. WIN.

18.25 – Chelmsford – Arctic Victory. Receives a penalty, but Tony Curtiss rides ours. A victory for the Vikings 🙂 WIN.



17.05 – Killarney – Galvin. See above.


RATCHET – Instructions For Ratchet: 


NEW SYSTEM – Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and a target of half that of Ratchet. I do this for fun.

12.30 – Uttoxeter – Miss Farage.

15.00 – York – One Master.

15.45 – Curragh – Shale.




Yet another great day. I was happy to stop betting after Race 1 on Tripler. My target wasn’t hit, but it was as near as dammit. OBAD did hit my target. Nice 🙂 Ratchet proved excellent. No bet on Race 1 due to low odds. Race 2 brought me a nice profit then I only went and fell asleep before putting a bet on Race 3! Oh well, at least I made good profits on all the 3 main systems. Even my New System proved again, to be a winner.



15.15 – York – Battaash. Won in style earlier in the year at Goodwood. Difficult to past this rascal. WIN. RESULT – 1st. A fraction under target but I stopped betting for the day. I’m quite happy to almost hit target rather than risk a potential loss.

15.50 – Newton Abbot – Templepark. 2 at the top & ours, ridden by Mmmm That’s Nice Max, has weight penalties. Odds don’t justify a split, so with doubts, I’m going for a WIN. RESULT – 2nd. Good job I stopped after race 1!

16.00 – Kilbeggan – Curlew Hill. Made a mistake at the last hurdle on its last outing but ran really impressively. WIN. RESULT – 1st. I don’t know what the odds were pre-race, but would have needed to be good to recoup any loss on race 2.



15.15 – York – Battaash. RESULT – 1st. Job Done. Target Hit.


RATCHET – RESULT – I didn’t place a bet on Race 1 due to the very low odds. Race 2 brought a win (2nd place) but slightly under target. Then I fell asleep & missed putting a bet on Race 3, which won & would have beaten my target. Bugger!



14.15 – York – Enbihaar. RESULT – 1st.

15.15 – Battaash. RESULT – 1st.

15.50 – Templepark. RESULT – 2nd.

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