Monday 31st August 2020 + Summary + Quick Punt



12.45 – Ripon – Intello Boy. 3rd last time out, but that Irish jokester Dave Allen is riding ours. Main opposition is Sylvester de Sous Chef. I’m sticking my neck out here. WIN

13.50 – Ripon – Internationaldream. Never heard of our jockey. Did they get him hitch hiking up from Blackpool Beach? I can’t see a win here, so for me, it’s a SPLIT.

16.10 – Sandown – Huddleton Mac.14 runners in a short 7 furlong dash. Anything can happen here. It’s either going to win by a long way or it’s going to get bashed around and end up nowhere. It came 2nd last time out with a lot of room for improvement. I hope it doesn’t end up like the first corner in a Formula One race. WIN.



13.50 – Ripon – Intrenationadream. See above.


RATCHET – Instructions for use:


QUICK PUNT – I do this for a bit of fun. Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and half the target.

13.50 – Ripon – Internationaldream.

15.15 – Southwell – Alminoor.



I didn’t have time yesterday as I had to be out most of the day. I noted the name of the 1st horse & luckily, it was also the OBAD selection. I had a rough idea of what stakes I was on so I did 1 bet combining the approximate stakes of Tripler, OBAD & Ratchet. The little beauty only won, so although I was out most of the day, I hit target on all 3 systems.  🙂


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