Monday 24th August 2020 + Summary + New System

Firstly, many apologies for not posting yesterday. I really felt ill so dragged myself upstairs to bed for the day. I had a quick look at what was going on but didn’t get any betting done. The sun’s out “Up Norf” today, so let’s hope for a fine week of results 🙂




15.20 – Southwell – Miss M. A previous C & D winner but with a penalty this time out. A win with a Split Bet would hit my target, but this horse has a HUGE HRP Score of 92. Very tempted for a WIN.

15.50 – Southwell – El Borracho. Similar to above. A C & D winner with a penalty. Tempted for another Win. If Race 1 loses, I will go for a WIN.

16.10 – Bath – Captain Claret. Because of my cautious nature, I would hedge this and go for a SPLIT.



15.20 – Southwell – Miss M. See above.


RATCHET – Instructions For Ratchet: 


NEW SYSTEM – Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and a target of half that of Ratchet. I do this for fun.

15.00 – Southwell – El Borracho.

17.50 – Bath – Tilsworth Rose.




No betting yesterday.


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