Monday 10th August 2020 + Summary + New System

Because I was out yesterday, I managed to place just the one bet. Luckily, the OBAD selection was the same as the first selection on Tripler, so it meant I placed all 3 bets before I left home; Tripler, OBAD and Ratchet.

The little beauty only went and won! That meant it was Job Done and Targets Hit on all 3 systems with just the one selection.

Someone has reported to us that they have found our missing cat and it has been taken to a Sanctuary in Southport! It’s about 40 miles away so I may not have chance to do a report tomorrow. I hope it’s the right cat cos an 80 mile round trip is a bugger if it’s not our cat! Well, it’s been a while since I went to Southport so fingers crossed!

If I get chance, I will analyse today’s selections but apologise in advance if I can’t get it done in time.


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