Friday 7th February 2020 + Summary



13.40 – Bangor on Dee – Annie Mc. Good jockey. (I think.) Only 3 runners. HRP says favourites have a high % of winning. Ours is favourite. If it doesn’t win, I’ll show my ar*e on our local shopping precinct. WIN.

14.45 – Bangor on Dee – Bob And Co.Small field of 4 runners. Ours has had an up & down recent history but again, I’m going for a WIN. (Beware of Pass The Hat.)

17.10 – Chelmsford – Elusif. Head and shoulders above the rest. But as I’ve found out in this horse racing game, it means bugger all! However, another WIN.


See 14.45 above.


Same old same old. 10% Bank with a Stop at 2.5% (or as near as dammit) profit.

Our washing machine flooded the kitchen yesterday so I really could do with a few winning runs so I can buy a new one. I don’t want to have to go to the River Irwell to beat my clothes over a rock.


15.33 – Doncaster – Zoffee. Won.

15.30 – Doncaster – Glory And Fortune. 2nd.

17.30 – Newcastle – Union. 2nd.

TRIPLER – Zoffee hit my target in Race 1 so no more bets on Tripler.

OBAD – This horse should be renamed as Shame And Skint. This excuse for a favourite came 2nd to a 50/1 lackey from a kids’ Petting School. I would be embarrassed to have anything to do with this outfit and the Trainer needs training. I would also chuck the jockey in the nearest canal. After 3 successes on the spin, I lost this one.

RATCHET – Race 1 was a winner & brought me just over 2% profit. I decided to stop and take 2% as a worthwhile return. (If I had gone on to Race 2, I would have won more, but I’m more than happy with a daily profit of 2%.)

Not a bad day really. Wins on Tripler and Ratchet were pulled back – but only slightly – by the OBAD selection. I’d take this every day as my Bank would grow really nicely. Let’s have a go at 3 from 3 tomorrow.

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