Friday 17th January 2020 + Summary



13.45 – Chepstow – Getaway Fred. 6 Runners with 2 miles ahead at the top. Ours is favourite with a good history.WIN.

14.25 – Musselburgh – Smart Lass. Ours is the favourite but there are 3 or 4 other horses not far behind. With the Place odds not being too bad, I’m tempted (after yesterday’s debacle) to go for a SPLIT.

20.00 – Dundalk – Power Ahead. Only 5 runners in this one. The favourite (Dark Vader) gets a really good write up & our selection is 2nd favourite. Again, the Place odds are fairly encouraging, so I’m going for a SPLIT.

NB. The 2nd & 3rd choices may change depending on the result of the prior races.)


See 13.45 – Chepstow – Getaway Fred above.


If I can hit 2.5% profit by using a smaller stake, I will. I now need quite a few repetitive wins to catch my Bank up to where it was 24 hours ago.

Formula to calculate your potential winnings: Stake Amount x Odds – Stake Amount x 0.95. (The 0.95 calculates the net winnings after Betfair’s commission.)


12.50 – Ludlow – Moon Of Baroda. I said de Boinville was a threat & so it proved. Our selection had a terrible race. Wandered about, reached a magnificent 6th before being Pulled Up. Don’t these “expert” trainers know their horses? I think they need to spend a few hours in the stocks. LOSS.

13.50 – Ludlow – Gosheven. Because the odds had reduced, I changed from a Split to a Win, assuming that all the punters knew it was such a strong favourite. What a stupid mistake! Got to 2nd & then yet another mistake. The horse then weakened and finished a miserable 3rd. The winners were 20/1 & 2/1. Ours was the massive favourite yet still couldn’t win. Awful. LOSS.

15.30 – Ludlow – Alcala. Way, way out in front of the betting. After 2 losses, I went for another Win to try & recoup some of my losses. It was winning after 6 jumps then the daft bugger fell! Just to round off a totally miserable day.  LOSS.

OBAD – Blown out straight away. LOSS.


RATCHET – One small win at odds of 1.25. 2 x 10% Bank Stake losses. A horrendously massive LOSS.

This was the worst day’s betting since I started this journey. I know that if Liverpool were playing Forest Green Rangers, FGR will probably never ever win, no matter how many times they played each other. How then, can a huge favourite in a horse race get beaten by Blackpool Beach Pleasure Ride Donkeys? In the last race, the winner was 20/1 & the 2nd placed horse was 33/1. These types of horses are not even expected to trouble the scorer, let alone win.I know it’s horse racing, but surely the Trainers can’t get the horse’s form wrong so often? Why enter a race if they know their horse is not capable of winning? People like us back their horses with hard cash, expecting the odds to relate to the performance of the animal.

I am at a total low and not even the thought of finding a fiver in my wallet will cheer me up. I also got drenched when I took the dogs out just to compound my misery and to top it all, there was no sign of next door’s cat. Absolutely dreadful day. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

I have ordered a lovely watch which has been paid for by my winnings. Look out for it on Ebay. (Only joking.)

4 thoughts on “Friday 17th January 2020 + Summary

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    Dr Rob says:

    You’re right Francis. I’m not a horse racing person per se so it really annoys me when things don’t go our way. Then I realise that it’s a numbers game. The HRP software really does give us the edge over other punters. I know that the law of averages work in our favour as well. The software gives us a huge advantage but like everything, it will have an off day. Tomorrow’s going to be a great day.

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    ChrisMoore530 says:

    Hi Rob,
    I share your frustration.
    I joined two days ago on the obad & Tripler subscription. My first day I just did the obad – LOST. (Typical that the other two on the tripler won!)
    Day 2 (yesterday) I thought I would do both the obad & tripler ALL LOST! My bank took a heavy beating!
    What a great start to my HRP journey! Never mind, got to remain positive and here’s hoping today will be better.

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      GavSummerhill says:

      Yes, don’t make the mistake Chris of attempting to isolate poor experiences and give them unrequired attention. To be honest, if you lose – the very best advice is to not say a word. Otherwise, you weaken yourself and inculcate a negative approach, when you need to develop the opposite. It is different for Dr Rob as he has a Club to run and account for. But, consider to take my advice and when you lose for whatever reason. Keep Schtum. When you win, then let us all know about it. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Best, Gav

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