8th September + Summary + Quick Punt


Is this soddin’ weather ever going to brighten up and give us a nice sunny day’s racing? I’m surprised the country hasn’t sunk.



13.10 – Catterick – Twilight Heir. Cieren Fallon rides ours and should use his experience well. I’m going for a WIN.

15.00- Goodwood – Tick Toch. Tom Marquand is the jockey. I’ve heard of him on here but know nowt about him. Showed promise on debut & looks set for a win. I’m not so sure. I will wait for the result of Race 1 before finally deciding, but if I had to decide now, I would look at a SPLIT.

17.35 – Galway – Royal Blend. McMonagle? Even spellchecker doesn’t know this name. 🙂 Not won in first 3 outings but set to improve & win. I’m taking the cowards’ option and looking at a SPLIT.



13.10 – Catterick – Twilight Heir. See above.


RATCHET – Instructions for use: http://bit.ly/35tpfR


QUICK PUNT – My own selections. I do this for a bit of fun. Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and half the target. (Unless the odds are so low, then I will look at a straight Win.)

13.00 – Newton Abbot – Calum Gilhooley.

13.30 – Newton Abbot – Horse Force One.




Another excellent day with wins on 3 of the 4 systems I play. The only let-down was OBAD. I went for a split bet using a 2/2 point split. Although the horse came 2nd, if I had done a 1/3 split, I would have lost a bit less, but I’m not complaining. 🙂


14.10 – Perth – Getaround. Won last time out against really strong competition. This race is nowhere near as tough. WIN. RESULT – 1st. Not enough to hit target so on to Race 2.

17.10 – Galway – The Storyteller. Only 5 runners and well fancied. I am hesitant but will plump for a WIN. RESULT – 1st. Job Done. Target Hit. No more Tripler betting for me today.

17.30 – Windsor – Dhabyah. Although it’s the OBAD choice, I’m not 100% confident. I will look at a SPLIT, but probably on the 2 TBP market. RESULT – 2nd.


17.30 – Windsor – Dhabyah. See above. RESULT – 2nd. Because I am on higher stakes on OBAD than the other systems, I made a loss. It was only small but I did do a 2/2 Split.

RATCHET RESULT – A win on Race 1 wasn’t enough to hit target, but, like Tripler, I carried on to Race 2 which Hit Target. No more Ratchet betting today.


14.10 – Perth – Getaround. RESULT – 1st. Target not hit so on to Race 2.

17.10 – Galway – The Storyteller. RESULT – 1st. Target Hit & a nice Job Done. I stop betting once my target has been hit.

17.30 – Windsor – Dhabyah. RESULT – 2nd.

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