6th September + Summary + Quick Punt



13.10 – Fontwell – Courtandbould. Has run exceptionally well, but up against class and has a penalty. SPLIT.

14.00 – York – Dakota Gold. Won here last year and won again 10 days ago but is up against some really top class runners. SPLIT.

14.30 – York – Athers. Last outing was 6 weeks ago when it came 3rd, but can do much better today, using valuable experience against newcomers. WIN.



14.00 – York – Dakota Gold. See above.


RATCHET – Instructions for use: http://bit.ly/35tpfR


QUICK PUNT  – I do this for a bit of fun. Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and half the target. (Unless the odds are so low, then I will look at a straight Win.)

13.10 – Fontwell – Courtandbould.

14.00 – York – Dakota Gold.

14.30 – York – Athers.

14.45 – Fontwell – Orchestral Rain.




A superb day’s results. I hit target on Tripler, Ratchet and my new Quick Punt systems. OBAD was also a winner, but at the odds offered, I was under target. But I’m not arguing with wins on every system. I’m not greedy – if I can hit a return of 2.5% of my Bank, I will stop betting on that system for the day. Fingers crossed for these results to continue into next week.


13.10 – Haydock – Fancy Man. Pick of the bunch, with our old mucca, the football commentator, Brian Moore on board. WIN. RESULT – 1st. Good stuff Brian. Job Done. Target Hit. No more Tripler betting for me today.

14.35 – Kempton – Enable. The odds don’t justify any other horse turning up. Now, if this doesn’t win, I’m gonna show my arse at the top of the shopping precinct. WIN. RESULT – 1st. Forgone conclusion. Stopped me showing my arse to the neighbours on the precinct. 🙂

18.00 – Wolverhampton – Ajyaall. Jockey is Louis Steward, No sign of his brother, Bar. Yet another WIN. RESULT – 2nd.



14.35 – Kempton – Enable. See above. RESULT – 1st.


RATCHET – The win on Race 1 meant my target was hit. Job Done for the day. No more Ratchet betting today.




Although I don’t normally do a Place bet when the odds are so low, I reckoned it had to win, or else Dettori would never race in the UK again. Also, at odds of 1.09, I figured it was a 9% Return On Investment which is better than the .01% A YEAR I am receiving from the Halifax! It produced a small win to carry on to Race 2. With Seddon coming 2nd, it hit my target for the day so I didn’t place a bet on Race 3. If I had carried on, it would have been a bumper of a day.

14.35 – Kempton – Enable. RESULT – 1st.

15.00 – Stratford – Seddon. RESULT -2nd.

15.25 – Haydock – Dream Of Dreams. RESULT – 1st.

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