1st February 2023 + Doc’s Fav Goldmine + Summary


  • Be careful if races start close to each other. You may not get the results before the next race starts. Either watch the race live, or watch it on Betfair. 
  • For Tripler, OBAD, and Ratchet, I use the 3 HRP Systems, assess each one, and then post my predictions. Sometimes, the result of a previous race dictates my next selection. The Platinum spreadsheet determines your next stake.
  • I ALWAYS stop betting if I hit my target of 2.5% (or as near as dammit.) If you get close to your personal target, it’s your decision as to whether you want to carry on.
  • It’s your call as to whether you take the early odds, hoping they will then go down, or wait until nearer the off hoping the odds have increased.
  • A winner (or winners) at odds totalling 1.25 or above will hit your Daily Target. A profit of 2.5% per day will double your Bank in a month.




  • All selections are in the PLACE market. 
  • Stop at a profit of 2.5% per day. (Or as near as.)
  • Use 10% of your Bank as a stake.
  • If a loss occurs, keep to the last stake and not 10% of the new, reduced Bank.

STAKING PLAN 2 (This follows Dave & Gav’s C20 staking plan:)

  • Divide your Total Betting Fund into 4 equal blocks. (25% per block.)
  • One block – (25%) is used as your Frontline Betting Bank with either 10% or 20% as your stake. (Your choice.) 75% is held in reserve in case of a major loss.
  • As you are only using 25% of your Total Bank to bet with, you may want to “Collapse” your Bank and start again at a profit of either 5% or 10%. The choice is yours.
  • Any winnings are added to your Total Betting Bank and then the whole process of splitting into 4 blocks starts again.
  • You will need to use Gav & Dave’s Spreadsheet to calculate your stakes. (If not a VIP member, you may want to stick with 10% of your Betting Bank as your stake, then follow rules 1 – 3 above.)


As Albert Einstein allegedly said: “Compound Interest is the 8th Wonder Of The World.”





12.45 – Ayr – Jipekka Machin. Way down the pecking order. The most obvious of a SPLIT choice. (8.0 & 2.34)

13.25 – Leicester – Weebill. The only one of the 3 races I’m confident about. WIN. (1.76)

16.10 – Ayr – Chalk That Down. Favourite, but I’m still looking at a SPLIT. (3.15 & 1.47)



13.25 – Leicester – Weebill. The only one of the 3 races I’m confident about. WIN. (1.76)



Same selections as Tripler but in the PLACE MARKET. Instructions for use: http://bit.ly/35tpfR3 



13.35 – Exeter – Sizable Sam. (1.25 – 4 – 2)

15.45 – Leicester – Fay Ce Que Voudras. (1.42 – 9 – 3) 4 TBP at 1.26.

16.20 – Leicester – Gerolamo Cardano. (1.33 – 8 – 3)



13.35 – Exeter – Sizable Sam. (1.25 – 4 – 2)

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