18th January 2023 + Doc’s Fav Goldmine + Summary


  • Be careful if races start close to each other. You may not get the results of the race you placed a bet on before the next race starts, so do try to either watch the race live, or watch it on Betfair. 
  • For Tripler, OBAD, and Ratchet, I use the 3 selections generated by the HRP software, assess each one, and then state my predictions. Sometimes, the result of a previous race dictates my next predictions or not. The automated Platinum spreadsheet determines your next stake.
  • I ALWAYS stop betting if I hit my target of 2.5% (or as near as dammit.) If you get close to your personal target, it’s your decision as to whether you want to carry on. In the past when just under my target, I have “Gone for it,” only to lose the lot chasing bigger profits.
  • It’s your call as to whether you take the early odds, hoping they will then go down, or wait until nearer the off hoping the odds have increased.
  • A winner (or winners) at odds totalling 1.25 or above will hit your Daily Target. A profit of 2.5% per day will double your Bank in a month.




  • All selections are in the PLACE market. 
  • Stop at a profit of 2.5% per day. (Or as near as.)
  • Use 10% of your Bank as a stake.
  • If a loss occurs, keep to the last stake and not 10% of the new, reduced Bank.

STAKING PLAN 2 (This follows Dave & Gav’s C20 staking plan:)

  • Divide your Total Betting Fund into 4 equal blocks. (25% per block.)
  • One block – (25%) is used as your Frontline Betting Bank with either 10% or 20% as your stake. (Your choice.) 75% is held in reserve in case of a major loss.
  • As you are only using 25% of your Total Bank to bet with, you may want to “Collapse” your Bank and start again at a profit of either 5% or 10%. The choice is yours.
  • Any winnings are added to your Total Betting Bank and then the whole process of splitting into 4 blocks starts again.
  • You will need to use Gav & Dave’s Spreadsheet to calculate your stakes. (If not a VIP member, you may want to stick with 10% of your Betting Bank as your stake, then follow rules 1 – 3 above.)


As Albert Einstein allegedly said: “Compound Interest is the 8th Wonder Of The World.”





13.25 – Plumpton – Gaelic Park. Hopefully, this should be a breeze. WIN. (1.33)

14.25 – Plumpton – Poncho. Astromachia is the biggest threat, but should be capable of brushing him aside. WIN. (1.99)

19.15 – Southwell – Debydinks. A 6 furlong sprint where a bad start can cost everything. SPLIT. (3.80 & 1.54)



13.25 – Plumpton – Gaelic Park. Hopefully, this should be a breeze. WIN. (1.33)



Same selections as Tripler but in the PLACE MARKET. Instructions for use: http://bit.ly/35tpfR3



14.25 – Plumpton – Poncho. (1.27 – 7 – 2)

19.15 – Southwell – Tennessee Dream. (1.36 – 9 – 3)



14.25 – Plumpton – Poncho. (1.27 – 7 – 2)





Not a bad day really. Tripler, OBAD & Ratchet came in as I thought.

Doc’s Fav Goldmine got off to a shocker with a truly crap ride in Race 1. Beaten by a couple of Plebs. Race 2 won. DFG OBAD was the Pleb.



13.50 – Clonmel – Gaelic Warrior. Straightforward WIN. (1.26) RESULT – 1st.

14.40 – Kempton – Moon Over The Sea. 10 runners with nothing outstanding. SPLIT. (4.40 & 1.76) (4 TBP SPLIT @ 4.40 & 1.35) RESULT – 2nd.



13.50 – Clonmel – Gaelic Warrior. Straightforward WIN. (1.26) RESULT – 1st.





12.40 – Kempton – Micks Spirit. (1.36 – 8 – 3) RESULT – 4th.

15.25 – Clonmel – Bonnie Kellie. (1.21 – 10 – 3) RESULT – 2nd.


12.40 – Kempton – Micks Spirit. (1.36 – 8 – 3) RESULT – 4th.

3 thoughts on “18th January 2023 + Doc’s Fav Goldmine + Summary

  1. Avatar
    richard says:

    Hi Doc,
    Very disappointing run by Mick put my OBAD bank back into debit from which it had just recovered from last week! Does this show the Dangers of one bet a day with no recovery? Still on target following your tripler though yeah thanks.
    Question re HRP selections like Gaelic Warrior, won at bfsp 1.07, place 1.04, which have very low prices?
    Do you have a particular strategy with these?
    eg Are you backing on selection or at bfsp or entering a limit?
    Enjoying following your daily selections.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Avatar
    Dr Rob says:

    Hi Richard. Yes, that is the drawback of only having one bet a day. However, for those fortunate enough to have the time to be at their laptops all day, it would be a lot easier to follow each race. When I post my selections, I use the very early prices and don’t have the luxury of updating as prices change. I simply post my choices, the odds at the time and occasionally, show 1 more or 1 less Places as an option. Cheers. Doc.

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