15th September 2020 + Summary + Quick Punt

Battle of Britain Day.

Respect to all the aircrew, ground crew, plotters, spotters, WAAF’s and everyone else in the country, without whom, we wouldn’t be living life as we know it today.





14.00 – Yarmouth – Toussarok. Ran poorly in a move up in class, but back down to where he knows today. 1-3 SPLIT.

17.15 – Hexham – Return Ticket. Ran well on good company last time out, so I’m going for a 2-2 SPLIT.

17.50 – Hexham – Balmuick. Debut run but comes from a good stable with a top trainer. WIN.



17.15 – Hexham – Return Ticket. See above.


RATCHET –  Instructions for use: http://bit.ly/35tpfR


QUICK PUNT – I do this for a bit of fun. Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and half the target. (Unless the odds are so low, then I will look at a straight Win or even a 2 TBP.)

14.00 – Yarmouth – Toussarok.

15.10 – Hexham – Away At Dawn.

17.15 – Hexham – Return Ticket.




What a sensational day! Mike Channon sure scored a peach for us in Race 1, training the winner at large odds. My only regret is that I did a 1/3 split bet. If I had gone 2/2 or a win, it would have been spectacular. As it is, I profited over 7% on Tripler & OBAD with great wins on Ratchet & Quick Punt. (Only because I fell asleep after Race 1 on Quick Punt & so didn’t actually place a bet on Race 2, which lost!)


14.20 – Lingfield – Fangorn. 6th Last time out & improvement expected. I’m hesitant it will improve enough to win, so it’s a 2-2 SPLIT. RESULT – 1st. Job Done. Target Smashed. End of my Tripler betting today.

17.15 – Wolverhampton – State Occasion. Jockey is Harry “Mulsanne” Bentley. He will purr along to a WIN. RESULT – 2nd.

17.40 – Bath – Moomba This is a distance which suits our selection, so it’s a WIN. RESULT – 2nd.



14.20 – Lingfield – Fangorn. See above. RESULT – 1st. Target well and truly battered 🙂


RATCHET RESULT – Race 1 – 1st. Job Done, Target Hit and the end of my ratchet betting for today.





15.50 – Sligo – Jerandme. RESULT – 1st.

16.10 – Wolverhampton – Hemmsa. RESULT – 4th. Beaten by some real outsiders.

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