11th September 2020 + Summary + Quick Punt

Let’s take a little time to remember what happened in New York 19 years ago when all those people going about their jobs never returned home. R.I.P.




14.00 – Sandown – Maximal. Well fancied and a good track record. Plus, Hollie Doyle rides ours & she usually beats us! WIN.

14.40 – Doncaster – Sacred. Hasn’t lived up to expectations, but this is a step down, so I’m expecting much better today. WIN.

16.35 – Chester – Baryshnikov. Wow – Robert Downey Jr rides ours! He’s flown is especially to get a place in the Top 3. SPLIT.



14.40 – Doncaster – Sacred. See above.


RATCHET – Instructions for use: http://bit.ly/35tpfR


QUICK PUNT – My own selections. I do this for a bit of fun. Same principle as Ratchet but with half the stake and half the target. (Unless the odds are so low, then I will look at a straight Win.)

14.00 – Sandown – Maximal.

14.40 – Doncaster – Sacred.

18.05 – Salisbury – Second Slip.




Well, I guess the bubble had to burst sometime. However, it was only a tiny burst so no worries. These are animals we are dealing with and we don’t have a great deal of control over them. Please also be aware that I bet on 4 systems and each system has a different Bank Amount, OBAD being the largest.

I backed Logician in Race 1 on Tripler only, as the odds didn’t warrant a large stake on OBAD or Ratchet and the Place odds were almost nil. It won, so I carried on and did a Split Bet on Race 2. It came 3rd so I carried on with a Win Bet on Race 3.It came 2nd, so overall, a loss, but small, on Tripler.

I didn’t have a bet on OBAD today. Race 2 on Ratchet brought a win on Race 2 and it was Job Done. Quick Punt lost a fraction as I again, did a Win Bet on Race 3.



13.10 – Doncaster – Logician. Wow – this race has almost as many runners as the Grand National! TWO! WIN. RESULT – 1st.  Tiny profit. On to Race 2.

14.10 – Doncaster – Zabeel Queen. I’ll wait for Race 1 to finish and see if a split will hit target. WAIT. I did a SPLIT. RESULT – 2nd. I did a 2/2/Split Bet so lost, but only a tiny amount. On to Race 3.

14.20 – Chepstow – Il Bandito. Had a great run last time out but is up against a really good horse in Fabilis. I panicked a bit because I was running out of time, this race coming so close to Race 2. I went for a WIN. RESULT – 2nd.  An overall loss, but nowhere near what I call a calamity.



13.10 – Doncaster – Logician. See above .I didn’t place a bet on OBAD today.


RATCHET – No bet on Race 1. Race 2 came 3rd, won and hit target. Job Done.




Today’s are the same as Tripler selections.

13.10 – Doncaster – Logician. Tiny win.

14.10 – Doncaster – Zabeel Queen. Tiny win.

14.20 – Chepstow – Il Bandito. Lost. Only a small amount so nothing to worry abou.

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