11th August 2022 + Doc’s Fav Goldmine + Summary

** Club Notes**

Be careful if races start close to each other. You may not get the results of the race you placed a bet on before the next race starts, so do try to either watch the race live, or watch it on Betfair. 

For Tripler, OBAD, and Ratchet, I use the 3 selections generated by the HRP software, assess each one, and then say what I am going to do. Obviously, you can make your own decisions as to what you think the outcomes will be. Sometimes, the result of a previous race will dictate whether I stick with my predictions or not. The automated HRP spreadsheet determines your next stake, based on the result of the previous race and is geared at helping you hit your daily target.

My new system, Doc’s Fav Goldmine, is coming along nicely and I have had many winners on the spin. My small stakes have increased in size, due to a constant supply of winning selections 🙂 My DFG Bank is now really building nicely. However, as the stake is 10% of the Betting Bank, any losses do hit hard but I have always caught up rapidly before moving ahead again.

I ALWAYS stop betting if I hit my target of 2.5% (or as near as dammit.) Use your common sense – if you get close to your personal target, it’s your decision as to whether you want to carry on & go for it. Personally, I learned the harsh lesson of being greedy, and many times, when just under my target, I have “Gone for it,” only to lose the lot chasing bigger profits.

It’s your call as to whether you take the early odds, hoping they will then go down, or wait until nearer the off hoping the odds have increased. The key thing to remember is a winner (or winners) at odds totaling 1.25 or above will hit your Daily Target. A profit of 2.5% per day will double your Bank in a month.

2.5% A DAY??? Currently, the BEST Bank savings interest rate on offer is 2.02% A YEAR!!!

As a non-horse racing expert, it still amazes me that in a race with only 4, 5, or 6 runners where there is a massive favourite, you can still occasionally pick up superb Place Odds in excess of those required to hit your target. To my horse racing thicko’s mind, this is what I call a NO BRAINER.


As Albert Einstein allegedly said: “Compound Interest is the 8th Wonder Of The World.”


** NB. A SPLIT bet is normally divided into 25% for the WIN and 75% for the PLACE. (ie. 1/3.) If I mention a 2/2 split, it means 50% for the WIN and 50% for the PLACE. (ie. 2/2.) **

I will also be adding the current prices available for Tripler & OBAD.






16.15 – Salisbury – Modern News. Only 4 runners, but a hugely close field. I’m a coward and am opting for the perfect coward’s option. SPLIT. (2.30 & 1.43)

17.30 – Tramore – Pythion. Not massively fancied, so there has to be a reason. This calls for a SPLIT. (3.15 & 1.54)

19.30 – Tramore – Downtown Queen. This is one I’m going to stick my neck out on. Has really “clicked” and is now an excellent performer. I think it will do the business for us. WIN.  (3.50)



16.15 – Salisbury – Modern News. Only 4 runners, but a hugely close field. I’m a coward and am opting for the perfect coward’s option. SPLIT. (2.30 & 1.43)



Same selections as Tripler but in the PLACE MARKET. Instructions for use: http://bit.ly/35tpfR3



  • All selections are in the PLACE market. 
  • Stop at a profit of 2.5% per day. (Or as near as.)
  • Use 10% of your Bank as a stake.
  • If a loss occurs, keep to the last stake and not 10% of the new, reduced Bank.

For those who may be a little more cautious, you may want to follow Dave & Gav’s C20 staking plan:

  • Divide your Total Betting Fund into 4 equal blocks. (25% per block.)
  • One block – (25%) is used as your Frontline Betting Bank with either 10% or 20% as your stake. (Your choice.) 75% is held in reserve in case of a major loss.
  • Any winnings are added to your Total Betting Bank and then the whole process of splitting into 4 blocks starts again.
  • You will need to use Gav & Dave’s Spreadsheet to calculate your stakes. (If not a VIP member, you may want to stick with 10% of your Betting Bank as your stake, then follow rules 1 – 3 above.)

For those with little time, I am selecting one horse to be my Doc’s Fav Goldmine One Bet A Day – DFG OBAD.

13.35 – Beverley – Beautiful Aisling. (1.19 – 5 – 2)

14.30- Salisbury – Faattik. (1.19 – 7 – 2)

16.30 – Beverley – Temper Trap. (1.20 – 8 – 3)

17.20 – Leopardstown – Library. (1.39 – 7 – 2) 3 TBP at 1.21.



14.30- Salisbury – Faattik. (1.19 – 7 – 2)





Target beating result in Race 1 on Tripler, before a Race 2 duffer. Race 3 won. The OBAD selection won on a suggested 4 TBP Split, although we only got Races 1 & 3 on Ratchet.

Doc’s Fav Goldmine came up with 3 winners from 3 selections. The odds were very good, especially if you went with all 3.

There was another win for DFG OBAD.



14.20 – Yarmouth – Seeking Gold. Big threat comes from Modern Dancer, but I’m hoping ours can do it. WIN. (1.89) RESULT – 1st.

15.30 – Salisbury – Climate. Ridden by Dettori and is the hot favourite. WIN. (2.50) RESULT – 6th.

16.30 – Yarmouth – Available Angel. I have no alternative but to go for a SPLIT. (3.15 & 1.71) RESULT – 1st.



17.20 – Gowran Park – Lyrical Poetry. As usual for Irish racing, it’s a very large field. All runners are at high-ish odds so none stand out. SPLIT. (5.20 & 2.30) (4 TBP SPLIT at 5.20 & 1.80) RESULT – 4th.


RATCHET – RESULTS – 1st, 6th, 1st.



14.20 – Yarmouth – Seeking Gold. (1.24 – 5 – 2) RESULT – 1st.

18.50 – Kempton – Fashion Love. (1.27 – 6 – 2) 3 TBP at 1.11. RESULT – 1st.

20.30 – Kempton – Thunder Flash. (1.45 – 9 – 3) 4 TBP at 1.26. RESULT – 2nd.



14.20 – Yarmouth – Seeking Gold. (1.24 – 5 – 2) RESULT – 1st.

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