Multiple Ways To Make Your Daily Betting Pay!

What many people (members included) don’t realise is that we have just over a dozen live betting clubs all using different ways of making your betting pay.

There is something for everyone, they are all in profit and all post system rules, bets and results each day.

We totally encourage members to ‘bet along’ with us, because mirroring something successful means you will be successful too.


Doctor Rob Makes His ‘New Starter Clinic’ Go Platinum!

Banks up over 50% since the change to Platinum staking with all bets provided for members.

Hot news of last week must be that Doctor Rob has changed the staking in his ‘New Starter Clinic’

He is now playing his roster with two separate Platinum staking banks.

These selective and deadly bets contain Daily Tripler plus bankers from his own ‘Docs Favs Goldmine’ selections.

Full staking instructions and analysis each day. Absolutely ideal for the new comer or someone who likes just a leisurely 3/4 or 5 bets a day.

This approach is being worked by Doctor Rob in the main Members Lounge and also from a slightly different angle by Gav in the Member Forum.