Tsunami Of New Forum Action – With Profit Spilling Everywhere!

There have been over half a dozen new forum threads in past week:

LSP (level stake profit) Favourites Races

Doctor Robs Favs Goldmine ‘Unified Platinum Staking’

Gav’s Fibonacci 45% + System

Jockey / Trainer System Level Stakes Betting

Gavs CPSP Top Daily Rated

Lieutenant K ‘A Quiet Sunday Afternoon’ (A host of profitable betting methods)

If you want to learn the ‘3 steps to making a living (or very decent 2nd income) through profitable betting – THIS is exactly where it is at.

Forget all the crap internet based rubblsh from anonymous people who know nothing about either a) horse racing or b) profitable betting.

We are the lineal champions of successful professional punting – putting our bets and money where our mouth is,  and we exist to help others do the same!


Gav Kicks Off The ‘Ultimate Bank Building Campaign’ With £50

The very successful Money Spinner system in Forum, which uses key bets of the day from HRP Method Suite has just started a new campaign to take £50 to £10,000 in a few months.

Gav has started to work a ‘unified staking strategy’ for the daily bets from Doctor Rob’s New Starter Clinic and has show over 40% growth in the past week.

He has started the Irish Top Rated and CPSP Top Rated campaigns all off from the minimum start bank of £50 and everything is showing over 60% growth in the past few days.

All forum systems have instructions, bets and results.