Look Through A Window Into The Daily Routine Of Lieutenant K!

I tend to wake up between 6am & 7am but don’t have a set time I just wake up when I want to and usually get straight out of bed. I grab a cup of tea (can’t function without it) and chill out for 30 minutes deciding what to do for the day, if the weather is nice, I’ll sit in the garden with my 2 dogs and if the weathers bad I’ll sit in the conservatory.

Then when I’m ready I’ll log on to the HRP site with my pc and open my google sheet that I work from (see attached screenshot) I use this as once all loaded up for the day it means I can access it wherever I want to. I open up the Football predictor and see if there are any selections for the day if there is then I find the best price on offer with the bookies that I use and enter them onto my sheet which then gets transferred to the site.

I then copy & paste the selections from the site onto the sheet and open up Gruss.

With the Triple S bets, I have a spreadsheet that is linked to Gruss which I have, and it tells me if there is a bet in a race and what the bet is just by clicking on each race in turn.

I also have a Quad sheet that I link to Gruss, I enter a list of the races that I want to use and hit start, this will go through all the races and make a list of every bet between 1.5 & 3.5, then its just a case of making up a Quad using 4 bets with a total liability of approx. 15%. I usually start this off then go for some breakfast knowing that when I get back all the bets are lined up for me.

I do my posts on the site and after 8.30am when the JTPlatinum table gets populated I go through the selections process to find a list of potential C20 bets which usually is about 30 or 40 selections then I use a final 3 filters to get my final list (which could be as low as 4 or 5 bet) I then post them onto the C20 edit page along with Gav’s selections.

I check my TBM bots and make sure all the selections that I need are on there and everything is ready to go.

I then go out at 10am to either play football (Monday, Thursday & Friday) or go for a swim & jacuzzi in the local gym (Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday) and get back about 1pm.  Have my lunch then open my 2 Platinum sheets, one I use for Joint Roster, Dr Robs, Tripler & 45% Fav’s the other I use for Money Spinner, Ireland, Top Rated (all apart from JR are on the forum).  When the racing starts I have them both open and use the “Arrange” “Tile” function to see both at the same time.

Once racing starts I use Gruss to put my bets on manually if I want to place a bet and want to take the price on offer BUT there are occasions when I want a better price (usually the C20 bets) I then go to the exchange that has the best price (I use both Betfair & Betdaq) and put the stake in but enter 2 ticks (odds) above what’s on offer and enter BFSP at the off if not taken (9 times out of 10 it will be matched).

My target across all methods is 2.5% and my stop/loss is 45%.

If I’m at home I like to manually bet BUT I don’t put my life on hold and it doesn’t take over my life, if I want to go out I will as I know the bots will still work and I’ll still have a steady stream of monies coming in.  When I’m manually betting once I hit my target I take a screenshot of the day, enter the results into the results tab and then delete the selections (I found this way it stops me looking at future bets thinking “the next one won, I could have been on it”).  At the end of the day, I then record all the profit/loss for each method onto a large spreadsheet and enter the results of the bets placed on the bot (just the odds and W/L).