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“I have to say that after several years of following various tipsters and ‘fool proof ‘ systems and having spent/lost a load of cash along the way it’s great to have hit upon your product! Your method does it all for me and offers additional information to boot! It’s a brilliant piece of kit which has helped me these past few weeks to recoup some of my previous ongoing losses and is great fun to use. Well done, thank you and please keep up the good work!”

Chris M. / Bristol UK

I’m not just saying this, but I do believe that the HRP is the best system and set up I have ever seen……and I’m old and have been around a bit. I’m sure people will learn what sections they want to bet on and will work it out for themselves by studying the performances of each method. I think you have a very informative, wide-ranging product which I am sure will generate profit for anyone who uses it.

Kevin M / Manchester UK

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The Horse Race Predictor is a totally unique tool that will enable you to instantly see where the strongest betting opportunities are for every UK and Irish horse race.

There is nothing else like The Horse Race Predictor anywhere in the world and with this valuable companion you will never bet alone.

24/7 Private Members Area

Access The Horse Race Predictor members area 24/7 to get predictions and stats for every UK and Irish meeting.

Just login to your private members area at any time of the day and find tools, methods, live updates, stats and more.

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Race By Race `Easy To Digest` Stats

All our selected races are colour coded and graded and use a unique scoring system to easily direct you to the very strongest bets of the day.

The presentation of race data offers a unique blend of easily digestible stats enabling you to fine tune and develop powerful betting strategies of your own.

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Method Suite & Bet Builder Pro™

The Horse Race Predictor provides you with a suite of over 12 different Proven winning methods.

Use Bet Builder Pro™ to create and develop your own unique winning methods. Download your selected data to excel to easily manage your daily bets.

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Club Betting

Simply follow our resident Betting Club Gurus daily to turbo charge your betting profits. Each of our four clubs use The Horse Race Predictor in a unique way to create Daily Profits and post their selections for HRP members to follow.

The use of the award winning HRP Platinum staking plan will help consistently sky rocket your Betting Bank.

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Want Proof?….Here are the live results from our Club Betting Gurus…

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Community, Live Chat & Alerts

Connect with our Gurus and other members in our dedicated Sports Betting forum and through Live Chat

Get Live Desktop Alerts of daily tips, hot movers and important information throughout the racing day.

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Record Keeping & Daily Use Tips

Keep track of your betting bank & daily results all in one place using The Horse Race Predictor personal bets records system. Download your records to excel at any time.

Access the library of Daily Use articles to educate yourself further in professional race betting techniques using The Horse Race Predictor.


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