The Money Waterfall Mk2 ‘Double Turbo’ : System Overview, Rules & Examples

The Money Waterfall System – Mk 2 Double Turbo

Here is a plan for working with the Place elements to have a ‘Set & Forget’ Bet that can be placed in a few minutes before racing each day: 

Money Waterfall Set & Forget Plan

1. Work with the Place only elements of the roster.
2. Select your best three bets of the day, call them A,B,C
3. Stake 1pt on each
4. Next day repeat the selection process
5. Reinvest any winnings from A,B,C on the new days A,B,C selections.
6. Try a 20 or 25pt bank. Why not 10pts with 10pts Reserve.
7. Look to capture rolling Doubles and/or Trebles over the 2, 3 or more days which you attempt the method. 
8. Reinvest profits to raise point value
9. This technique can be used with WIN only bets, choose the best 3 as A,B,C and follow instructions as above. Lower strike rate, chance of higher % returns
Betting Lines 
10. Another idea is to allot 21pts per week (7 days x 3pts) and use 3pts per day everyday on the A,B,C selections and then rollover winnings from the previous day. If the Double lands, so does your Coup and you close that line off. 
11. In terms of ‘what bets?’
You could try all banker short odds, or say they have to be either forecast or SP favourite.
An approach I like is A = Banker, B = Value, C = Gambit.
So for instance, we had a 4 horse race winner the other day, and the place was 2.36!
That can be Gambit Odds, with Banker Odds the 1.15 to 1.3 mark and Value Odds the 1.3 to 1.9 mark
12. Why stop at 3 Lines?
Why not have 5 or even 10 Lines open.
Why not just have one or two lines open and keep it very simple indeed.
Just choose your best bets for the opening stake to set and forget. If you have 8 Lines on one day, but can only find 6 bets the next, just leave 2 lines open. No need to force it!
Try to keep a ‘flavour’ for each line.
That is A = Banker 1 B = Banker 2 C = Value 1 D = Value 2 E = Gambit etc.

Main System & Strategy Overview

The Money Waterfall System contains four elements which can be used simultaneously to make 2.5% on each and yield a steady, sure 10pt (10%) overall profit per day.

Logically, you can choose only one, two or three elements to work with depending on your time schedule or skill level.

Two years ago, I thought, ‘what if I could devise a way of approaching our key bets that virtually guaranteed you would win every day, but also met every requirement for what different players look for each day?’

Also, I considered ‘what if there was a daily method which suits the person who only wants to spend 15 mins on 2/3 races AND the member who likes to bet from the first race from the last?’

The real secret of betting success is not simply a good selection of horses, but the absolute best betting strategy for the selections you have made.

Here we have just that, a betting strategy which uses 5 potential money streams within the one overall approach

  1. Win bets on named selections or SP Favourites
  2. Place bets on SP favourites if they are the named selection
  3. Rolling accumulator runs on named selections
  4. Place Doubles or Trebles
  5. Rolling Win Doubles

Daily Profit Targets

Your job is to bring each or most elements into profit each day and then stop betting. If you only aimed for 1% profit with each element that will mean our core raise of 5% per day and the doubling of betting capital twice a month.

In practice, when you bring every element into profit on any day you will achieve much over 5%!

So, we have 5 systems within one approach using different filters of (mostly) the same bets.

Every so often I may include a bet from elsewhere which catches my eye for our purposes.

But in the main, these bets are chosen systematically from our HRP daily roster.

Bet Choice & Bet Tactics

All the bets are either HRP Top Rated or HRP Method Suite selections which may not be Top Rated, but which conform to certain form criteria.

In terms of race choice, I include all qualifying races from the 25/50/100 roster but omit the race, if the HRP Top Rated does not meet a particular form criteria.

Extra Place Markets

I think this has to down to the players’ personal discretion. Notwithstanding it is Strike Rate and not odds we primarily need here.

It is extremely hard to give concrete rules for whether to choose an extra place market, save for these:

  • Was the selection placed 3rd or 2nd last time out? If 3rd and not 1st or 2nd then go for the extra place if the odds are there.
  • Has it won in the last 3 races?
  • Is there more runners in the race than ideal? No point in taking 3 places in a 13 runner race if the 4tbp market has the odds you need.
  • Can you not get the minimum price for the regular 3tbp market? Then go for the 2tbp market if the odds are there.
  • What is your liability at the time of placing the bet?

Liability During The Betting Day

Always keep an eye on your Total Stake & Total Return figures (TS & TR), for that will dictate whether you can close a Place accumulator run down or close any element of the strategy down and simply focus on whatever remains.

Applying The Strategy

  • Bank: 100pts
  • Reserve: 50pts
  • Return any daily profits over a predetermined amount, to your Reserve bank.
  • So, if you are seeking 6.5% profit each day and make 8.75% – you return 1.75% profit to your Reserve.
  • Alternately, forget about a Reserve.
  • It is more bookwork and you simply note that any debit must be made up to the previous bank highpoint until 100pts of capital is returned to you bank.


  • Method 1 Win Bets On Named Selection or SP Favourite 
  • So, use a 100pt Bank with the Platinum Staking Progression
  • Stake one point on the named selection to win if it is the favourite at race time
  • If not favourite at race time stake a point on both the named selection and SP favourite to win
  • If Joint Favs and the HRP Top Rated is neither, then split the stake 3 ways
  • If two or three selections in the win bet always equally split whatever your next stake is, between them both
  • If neither the favourite nor the named selection wins, then add 1pt to your next potential stake.
  • If a winning play then reduce next stake by a minimum of 1pt, you are always trying to get back to1pt.
  • For instance, If a stake of 6pts puts you in profit by 1.75pts it seems an undue liability to reduce by only 1pt. So reduce by 2pts or even 3,4pts.
  • If the HRP Top Rated is a N/R, then consider using the HRP 2nd Top Rated
  • If the two selections are 1.9 and 2.15 and you think it’ is hardly worth to play the split stake, then consider putting the stake on the Fav to Place only if HRP Top Rated


  • Method 2 Place Bet on SP Favourite If Named Selection
  • Stake a point on the favourite in each race to place, only if it is also the named selection
  • Whenever a winning place bet play a rolling accumulator with the favourite to place in the next races as long as they are also the named HRP Top Rated selection
  • If you cannot get a place price of 1.15 then either omit the bet or play the WIN through the attempted rolling accumulator
  • If a losing bet before you cash in, increase the next Place only run by 1pt
  • Aim for 5 to 10% of capital and consider stopping betting


  • Method 3 – Rolling Place Accumulators
  • Place 1 or more points on the named selection
  • If a debit play before you Cash Out, raise the next attempted acca run stake by 1pt
  • Consider you can Cash Out at any time to protect gains and begin again on the next race


  • Method 4 – Place Doubles & Trebles
  • Stake 1 or more points on the Rolling Double or Treble
  • If the first leg is a debit, you can begin another attempt on the next race and even ‘roll over’ your profits to begin again the next day with a larger opening stake.


  • Method 5 – Rolling Win Bets
  • Stake 0.5pt or more on the first named selection to win. If a winner, place the stake and return on the named selection in the next race. If you get a winner, you have landed a Win Double and the Coup is over
  • You could limit this play to only where the named selection and SP Favourite are one and the same.
  • Use a 0.5,0.5,1,1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5 points staking progression for this
  • Alternately, allot say 5pts per day on 0.5,0.5,0.5,0.5,1,2 or set aside a specialist 50pt ‘Rolling Win Bank’ and don’t let it interfere with the main 4 system elements
  • If it is too much, then simply leave this element out. It’s in because checking back over results there were so many obvious runs of two or more selections winning back-to-back – this element can give some giant returns.
  • A bit like the fabled Dubble Bubble – they cannot come in very often, but when they come in, they do business
  • Let’s say you are at 3pt Rolling Win bet – some common win odds with these bets could be 3.5 & 4.7  and that particular Rolling Win Double will return 49.35pts.
  • However, it might be frustrating to see your 100pt bank profits dwindled by a stubborn Rolling Win bet on the day.. so bear in mind the ‘5pt Daily Gambit’ Bank or specialist 50pt bank if liking the look of the roster and going for a potentially mammoth return.

Psychologically I recommend you go into a campaign prepared to have a maximum poke in the eye once a month of 10 to 15pts.

Experience shows that a bad poke in the eye on a particular day, gets straightened out the next!

Remember, we are working with three types of horses expected to oblige and many of them will be well fancied on the day!

The HRP Top Rated, The HRP Method Suite Bet, The SP Favourite.

Eventually, oblige is exactly what they will do.

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