Gav’s All Day Easy Chair System (Incorporating Daily Banker/Maximum & Place Runs)

Staking Suggestions

  • Total Bank: 80pts
  • Frontline: 40pts
  • Reserve: 40pts
  • Staking: Platinum
  • Opening Stake: 2pts
  • Strategy: Double frontline and return half to the Reserve

Don’t forget, the job is to make an enjoyable profit and I like to start my staking at 2pts. Occasionally you may get ‘joint favs’ when using the SP Fav races, in which case you better split the stake!

Split Bets: The classic Platinum staking tells you to place 25% on the Win and 75% on the place if the place odds are about 1.6 or over. Sometimes you might want to lump it all on the place, especially if it gets you to a good profit with the heavier stake on the most likely win element of the bet.

In race to race terms, there is always the reality that individual players will make individual choices to suit their own style, so refresh yourself on the Platinum Staking Plan in Daily Use section of the site and let me know if any questions by leaving a comment.

Recovery Column

The idea of this column is that you can group together debits and stop the points rising in the Platinum progression.

Because I am starting at 2pts – if you get a debit run (2,3,4,5) there are your 14pts.

So for a few bets or however long it takes, you begin each sequence at 2pts and simply allot any profit, to lowering the figure in the Recovery Column

You keep doing that until the RC is paid off!

Running Profit Column

I have included this as it shows where the sequence gets into profit and is useful for the busy sportsman who likes to make a target, then move onto another area of profit interest on the site!

The fact is, it cannot be sunny all day every day, so using the Recovery & Running Profit Column allows a sportsman to see exactly where they are with the overall profit and reduce stakes until the sun comes out again. Which it definitely will!


I am using the classic 1.6 to place for the cue to ‘split points’ or play the Place only bet – but if in profit on a sequence and a man wants to ‘bet on’, then playing bets to place as a single bet if under the 1.6 bar is a good way to protect gains by maintaining strike rate!

Using the ‘if you want to play on, then go for place bets where odds allow’ you could navigate steadily and securely through the roster.

Time Course Selection Result Win Odds Place Odds Stake Return Profit Recovery Column
Running Profit
12:30 Carlisle Git Maker WIN 1st 2.05 2 4.1
12:45 Fontwell Serious Charges WIN 1st 1.44 2 2.88
4 6.89 2.89

13 thoughts on “Gav’s All Day Easy Chair System (Incorporating Daily Banker/Maximum & Place Runs)

  1. Avatar
    PhilD says:

    On the 9th there was a full day of bets and there was a debit of around 8 points. This was translated into 5.79 points in the recovery column for the 10th which was paid off with a surplus the next day, the 10th. The bets for the 9th then disappeared from the screen.
    Regards, Phil

    • Avatar
      Gav Summerhill says:

      Phil, that is odd. As no bets were placed in the member area? Nor on the 11th. Can you email me your charts for that day. I think you have mixed it up with a different day. Though I can’t quite work out what it might be. Best, Gav

  2. Avatar
    PhilD says:

    I don’t have charts for the day of the 9th. If no betting on the 9th where did the 5.79 come from in the recovery column of the 10th which was covered by the credit of the 10th, as stated in the report from 10th.
    In general though , is the amount in the recovery column the debit from the previous day until paid off?

    • Avatar
      Gav Summerhill says:

      You don’t have charts or records for that day. Is that because, there were no bets on that day? As neither do I have any records. There are a couple of good examples of the Recovery Column in action in the list of results. Fortunately, not very many at all given a 3 month campaign so far. I shall find the best dates and let you know. Best, Gav

    • Avatar
      Gav Summerhill says:

      Phil, if you go back to April 10th there was a 5.70pt debit which was cleared on April 11th along with a surplus that got put back into the pot. The point of the Recovery Column is to stop stakes increasing beyond a players (or Bank set up’s) comfort zone. You just put them in Recovery and chip away at them with profit to come! Does that make sense? Best, Gav

    • Avatar
      Gav Summerhill says:

      Hi Tommy, sorry I missed this message! 🙂 But I have put how I find the bets into the post, are you ok with the instructions? Any questions let me know. Best, Gav

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