The HRP Method Suite comprises useful groupings of selections from the betting day.

They are composed from classical form criteria, many of which are part and parcel of well known and successful systems from both the past and the modern.

The selections are of all strike rates aligned with odds from short to high.
Here is a brief run down:

HRP Pro Bet

Shorter Odds, well fancied ‘banker’ type bets which should all start at the head of the betting market.

HRP VDW Gold & Plus

These selections are exclusively comprised of ‘form’ horses that have won and place in their last 3 outings. VDW Plus selections run in smaller fields to Gold. Many big odds can be found among these selections on the right day and will often be suitable for HRP Split bet tactics.

HRP Maximum

These selections will almost always go off ‘Favourite’ of shorter odds and with a high strike rate. Winning runs are most likely with bets like this, so a good rolling doubles campaign is a useful consideration.

Sprint Pearler

Selections go off in 5f and 6f sprint races only.
They will have won on their last outing and can appear at all odds in the live market.

HRP 2yr olds

2yr old horses only which have won in the grade in their last race. Always very sound betting propositions especially if backed in during the live market with longer odds selections often troubling the judge at high place odds.

Factor Four

Based on a classical old school system which uses ‘four’ specific form elements

NHS Pro Bet

Longer odds selections that run over jumps only, but which have absolutely run well by winning or making the frame in their last race, and can often repeat that performance.

HRP Dutch Gold & Dutch Diamond

Flagship two horse dutch selections. You back two horses in the race and these bets conform to established old school form and system criteria. Good strike rates, good odds.

Dutch Banker

These selective bets qualify in BOTH the Gold & Diamond roster

HRP Job & Plot

Some excellent betting prospects from a system which uses trainer and jockey combinations proven to be successful at the track in question. Aligned with other positive criteria these can often be banker bets at higher odds.

Place Diamond

Medium odds selections designed for Split Bet tactics within the Platinum Staking Plan and using selections which and proven at both Course & Distance.

HRP Hot Returner

Some high odds returns can be had in this selective grouping of bets, comprising horses which WON the equivalent race last year.

HRP Full House

Flagship bets with high strike rate, good odds and conforming to four killer, long established and successful form criteria. Very selective.

Gavs Handicap Value

Horses ‘Napped’ on the day somewhere in the industry and primed to go off at medium to higher odds range

HRP Top Rated

Flagship Top Rated from us in every race of the day. Invaluable resource to fancied, good quality selections which can be whittled down to a roster of virtual bankers at good odds to strike rate ratio