Message From Gav Summerhill:

On 23rd October 2018, The Squire began with a £500 bank and worked his way up to £15,000 by February 23rd 2019. At this point, he began to play each day from a strict Income Bank. That is, he withdrew any profits over £15,000 straight into his bank account. From week commencing 6th April, The Squire will tie in with the forthcoming HRP Masterclass Package and begin a bank building campaign from £500 up to £25,000 over the course of this year. He will simply withdraw this £15,000 profit since last October and begin the bank building journey again. It is hoped that this strategy will enable interested Masterclass members to build their betting capital alongside him each day!

The Squire Searches Out Winning Plays!

The Squire Here!

There is nothing quite like the thrill of getting a very long odds winner alongside one’s daily pint and sandwiches.

The only hiccup is the sometimes troubling wait to land that prized fish!

Losing runs can increase along with the odds! This is a basic fact of horse race betting.

What To Do?

Bet smart, bet to figures, be consistent and focus on a core systematic methodology which does not deviate too far from ‘those most likely to win the race, in the races they are most likely to win‘.

Plan of Attack

  1. Learn the HRP Platinum Staking Plan
  2. Set your bank up with a 75pt split (Note: this is a higher gain/higher risk approach)

Updating Daily Figures:

  • Original Start Bank October 23rd 2018: £500
  • Running Profit Since October 23rd 2018: £15,000

What Happened Yesterday?

Back up and running!

  • New Start Bank August 11th 2019: £1000
  • Yesterdays Bank: £2701
  • Today’s Bank: £
  • Profit Yesterday: £
  • Daily Point Split: 75
  • Reserve Top Up Figure: 

Daily Bet Screenshot

Time Course Runners HRP Race Grade Number Name HRP Score Forecast Odds Latest Odds Odds Movement
13:55 Curragh 10 Orange 5 Goddess 37 4 3.25 18.75
14:25 Curragh 12 Orange 10 Soffia 52 3.75 3 20
14:35 Ffos Las 11 Green 5 Hot Summer 45 2.62 1 61.83
15:00 Curragh 9 Blue 1 Albigna 47 3 2.62 12.67
16:10 Curragh 10 Red 4 Kew Gardens 47 4 3.5 12.5
16:20 Ffos Las 7 Red 3 Sincerity 42 2.88 2.62 9.03
  1. Play the named selection to win in each race unless you can get around 1.6 or above for the Place price, then you could Split Stake the selection.
  2. Consider using the ‘extra place’ markets if the target odds are obtainable
  3. If named selections from the HRP Method Suite or HRP Top Rated, use the HRP Platinum Staking plan at all times
  4. If the Top Rated or other named selection is not within the first 5 in the betting, then omit the bet unless you can get the target price for either the Place or extra place and use a ‘win’ bet
  5. I am using the HRP Platinum Staking Plan and including the following options to play:
  6. Win – a straight single bet played to odds on either a ‘win’, ‘place’ or ‘extra place’ market
  7. Split Stake – where the stake is split between the win and place element
  8. Multibet – where the next stake is equally divided between two or more selections and may be placed singly on a win, place bet or combination thereof

Recovery Module & Reserve Top Up Principle: 

I will use this technique if I run into trouble and a debit day or period ensues.

  1. Use the previous bank highpoint for your bet calculations according to your set up for the HRP Platinum Staking Plan.
  2. Enter your target debit figure
  3. Enter your next profit figure
  4. Adjust your new debit figure
  5. Enter the Recovery Module % gain
  • Recovery Module: 
  • Original Debit Figure: 
  • Profit Yesterday: £
  • New Debit Figure: £