The £50K Club Bets & Results: March 28th

LK’s 50K Roster


To put the table below into the Platinum sheet to work manually:

Highlight the Time, Place & Selection of all horses


go to the platinum sheet and under TIME

right click, Paste Special, Text

Time Place Selections
13:30 Huntingdon Drop Him In/Le Tueur/Mixedwave/Spotty Dog
14:00 Huntingdon Rendition/Greyval
14:15 Hexham Grove Road
14:30 Huntingdon Abaya Du Mathan/Master Malcolm
14:45 Hexham Kildrum/Gipsy Lee Rose
15:00 Huntingdon Bushtucker Park/Tenfold
15:15 Hexham Wewillgowithplanb/Bingoo
15:30 Huntingdon Hardy Boy/Ike Sport
15:45 Hexham Petite Rhapsody/Lewa House/Golan Cloud
16:00 Huntingdon Ratoute Yutty/Shesupincourt
16:15 Hexham High Moon/Diamond State
16:45 Hexham Charlie’s Numbers/Fox’s Fancy
17:00 Wolverhampton Looe P Looe
17:30 Wolverhamp Martineo
18:00 Wolverhamp Belle Of Annandale/Hashtagmetoo/Haven Lady/Starfighter
18:30 Wolverhampton Woolhampton/Pearly Star
19:00 Wolverhamp Shades Of Summer/Watermelon Sugar
19:30 Wolverhampton Blackcurrent
20:00 Wolverhamp Billian/Embla/Too Funky
20:30 Wolverhampton Spanish Angel/Red Walls/Glorious Charmer/Fair And Square



LK’s £50K Club Results