The £50K Club Bets & Results: March 25th

LK’s 50K Roster


To put the table below into the Platinum sheet to work manually:

Highlight the Time, Place & Selection of all horses


go to the platinum sheet and under TIME

right click, Paste Special, Text

13:23 Bangor-On-Dee Ed Keeper/Present Fair/Le Bon Vivant
13:30 Newbury Atlanta Brave/Pearly Island/Inneston/Toothless
13:40 Curragh Bucanero Fuerte/Sturlasson
13:45 Lingfield Sausalito
13:50 Kelso Coral Blue/We’ll Go Again
13:58 Bangor-On-Dee Ffree Pedro/Broomfields Cave
14:05 Newbury Espoir De Guye/Heltenham
14:15 Curragh Jon Riggens/Only Spoofing
14:20 Lingfield Umberto/Connemara Coast
14:25 Kelso Inis Oirr/Jet Legs
14:33 Bangor-On-Dee Twotwothree/Cenotice/Blueberry Wine
14:40 Newbury Ebonello/Ruby Island
14:50 Curragh Honey Girl/Curzon Queen
14:55 Lingfield Champagne Sarah/Erosion Risk
15:00 Kelso Bonttay/Autumn Return
15:08 Bangor-On-Dee Jungle Jack/Minella Trump/Tanganyika
15:15 Newbury Love Is Golden/Angel’s Dream
15:25 Curragh Celtic Crown/Totally Charming
15:30 Lingfield Tone The Barone/Badri
15:35 Kelso Big River/Forward Plan
15:43 Bangor-On-Dee Rock Hurley/Barony Legends
15:50 Newbury Gentleman’s Relish/Summer Brise
15:57 Curragh Angels Wrath/Insinuendo
16:05 Lingfield Knebworth/Kerdos/Zouky
16:10 Kelso Ballygeary/Caithness
16:18 Bangor-On-Dee Methodtothemadness
16:25 Newbury Calgary Tiger/Family Business/
16:32 Curragh Shadowed/Broadhurst
16:40 Lingfield Inaam/Los Camachos/Warrior Square
16:45 Kelso Cedar Hill/Bollingerandkrug
16:53 Bangor-On-Dee Iceman Dennis/Feel The Pinch/Ballabawn
17:00 Newbury Cyclop/Boldmere
17:07 Curragh Razdan/Storm Eric
17:15 Lingfield Politics/El Hombre/Beauzon
17:20 Kelso Go West
17:30 Wolverhamp Annalee Lass
17:37 Curragh Cnodian/Conversant
18:00 Wolverhamp All In The Hips
18:30 Wolverhamp Nogo’s Dream
19:00 Wolverhamp Joyful Act
19:30 Wolverhampton Muscika/Royal Parade
20:00 Wolverhamp My Boy Jack/Jackmeister Rudi/Glorious Charmer
20:30 Wolverhamp Twistaline/Red Evelyn/Eagle Eyed Freddie/Come On John



LK’s £50K Club Results