The £50K Club Bets & Results: March 24th

LK’s 50K Roster


To put the table below into the Platinum sheet to work manually:

Highlight the Time, Place & Selection of all horses


go to the platinum sheet and under TIME

right click, Paste Special, Text

13:20 Musselburgh Artiste D’ainay/Don’t Look Back/Quaresome
13:30 Newbury The Carpenter/Iliko D’Olivate
13:40 Hereford Crem Fresh/I Giorni
13:50 Musselburg Nora The Xplorer/Lone Star
14:05 Newbury Bridge North/Manothepeople
14:15 Hereford Just Over Land/Charles St
14:25 Musselburg Pretending/Ring Of Beara
14:40 Newbury Russian Ruler/Dr T J Eckleburg/Arqoob
14:50 Hereford Jigginstown King/Kestrel Valley
15:00 Musselburg Lastofthecosmics/Crossing The Bar/Kadex
15:10 Newbury Knowsley Road/Loup De Maulde/Zanza
15:20 Hereford Credo
15:30 Musselburg Ivetwiggedit/Russian Virtue
15:40 Newbury Precious Eleanor/Five Star Getaway
15:50 Hereford Family Pot/Pawpaw
16:00 Musselburg Sanosuke
16:10 Newbury Ernest Gray/Some Scope
16:20 Hereford Sinister Minister/Royal Mer
16:30 Musselburg Of Course You Can/On Cloud Nine/Scarlet O’Tara
16:45 Newbury Caryto Des Brosses/Count Simon
16:50 Dundalk Tai Sing Yeh/Dun Na Sead
16:55 Hereford Damarta
17:15 Newcastle Daaris/It’s A Love Thing
17:25 Dundalk Sea Oscar/Celtic Revival
17:45 Newcastle Asdaa/King Carney/Rocket Rod
18:00 Dundalk Cristal Clere/Cold Steel/Bowerman
18:15 Newcastle Jems Bond/St Andrew’s Castle/The Cola Brasil
18:30 Dundalk Zig Zag Zyggy/Poet’s Pride/Hero Of The Hour
18:45 Newcastle Brooklyn Nine Nine/Rubellite
19:00 Dundalk Heartrate/Artemis Jones
19:15 Newcastle Blazing Son/Gunnerside
19:30 Dundalk Havana Notion/Fleetfootsoldier/Distillate
19:45 Newcastle Fiftyshadesofred/Gobi Sunset/Starshiba
20:00 Dundalk She’s In The Game/Circles
20:15 Newcastle Elzaal/Kraken Power/One Hart/Primo’s Comet
20:30 Dundalk Bringsty/Royal Tribute



LK’s £50K Club Results