The £50K Club Bets & Results: March 23rd

LK’s 50K Roster


To put the table below into the Platinum sheet to work manually:

Highlight the Time, Place & Selection of all horses


go to the platinum sheet and under TIME

right click, Paste Special, Text

13:25 Chepstow Karakoram/Big Blue Moon
13:40 Sedgefield Grey Skies/Telhimlisten
14:00 Chepstow Nell’s Bells/Pure Theatre
14:05 Cork Snapius/Calico
14:15 Sedgefield Forcing Bull
14:25 Ludlow Gallopade/Jacks Profit/Welsh Charger
14:35 Chepstow The Imposter/Stellar Stream/Our Bill’s Aunt
14:40 Cork Battle It Out/Make No Plans
14:50 Sedgefield Hold Up La Colmine/Hashtag Boum
15:00 Ludlow Fire Dancer/Jazz King
15:10 Chepstow Checkitout
15:15 Cork Crowsatedappletart/Mighty Jeremy
15:25 Sedgefield Wake Up Early/The Questioner/Sir Apollo
15:35 Ludlow Killaloan
15:45 Chepstow Barrier Peaks/Merveillo
15:50 Cork Franciscan Rock/Eurobot
16:00 Sedgefield Hilnamix/Thatbeatsbanagher
16:10 Ludlow First Figaro/Concetto
16:20 Chepstow Imperial Joe/Patient Owner/William Philo
16:25 Cork Thedancingfarrier/Killinure Lass/Jump The Shark
16:35 Sedgefield Blue Hawaii/Ex S’Elance/Trac
16:45 Ludlow Tightenourbelts/Lunar Contact
16:55 Chepstow Bethka/Getmetothemoon
17:00 Cork Pure Notions
17:10 Sedgefield Horn Cape/Rainbow Jet
17:20 Ludlow Duke Of Moravia/Amrons Sage
17:25 Chepstow Queen Annie/Tintagel Queen
17:30 Cork Blizzard Of Oz
17:50 Ludlow Espoir De Teillee



LK’s £50K Club Results