The £50K Club Bets & Results: March 20th

LK’s 50K Roster


To put the table below into the Platinum sheet to work manually:

Highlight the Time, Place & Selection of all horses


go to the platinum sheet and under TIME

right click, Paste Special, Text

13:40 Taunton Ioupy Collonges
13:50 Navan Fameaftertheglory/Mister Bo/Thecompanysergeant
14:00 Southwell Twistedfirestarter/Ali Star Bert
14:10 Taunton Out Of Office/Smart Casual
14:20 Navan Carbon King/By Your Side
14:35 Southwell Coastguard Station/The Grey Falco
14:45 Taunton Spitfire Girl/Brianna Rose
14:55 Navan Landrake/Paul Marvel
15:05 Southwell Sanda Rena
15:15 Taunton Doctor Ken/Young Buck
15:25 Navan Velvet Elvis/Fire Attack/Any Second Now
15:35 Southwell Glencassley/White Rhino
15:45 Taunton Libberty Hunter/JPR One/In The Air
15:55 Navan Brampton Belle/Shantreusse/Temptationinmilan/Yeah Man
16:05 Southwell Presenting Belle/Emily Wade
16:15 Taunton Miladygrace
16:25 Navan An Fraoch Mor/Marvel Fan/Pats Choice
16:35 Southwell Joe Dadancer/Centara/Duhallow Tommy/Range
16:55 Navan Mint Boy/Did I Ask You That
17:05 Southwell My Ticketyboo



LK’s £50K Club Results




Each day I seek to make a profit on both Bank 1 & Bank 2.

Bank 1. is comprised of the race by race full £50K Club roster in time order 

Bank 2. is simply the C20 Mainframe bet roster in time order

Game Rules

  1. Take whatever races you are working with in time order from your roster 

  2.  If different selections from different systems, get them all into the bet

  3. Play them according to the Platinum Staking protocols (my settings are on the daily screenshot)

  4. Omit selections with double figure odds

  5. Platinum Staking & Bet Choice Guidelines Here:

  6. For more details on the Split Bet / Win Bet criteria I am using, you can read over this post here:

  7. Plus, don’t forget I use the C20 Mainframe or RDBB roster for Bank 2.

75pt Split Bank 1:

The £50K Club Roster


Today Profit: £

30% To Invest Bank 2:

C20 RDBB Roster

Today Profit: £

I use figures measured from the official £50K Club Workbook and are predicated on a 2.5% increase each betting day.

Overall, I am looking for a 1.5% increase on Bank 1 and a 1% increase on Bank 2. 

  • DAY 57 Official Target: £996.50

  • Start Bank Today: £1119.97

  • 2.5% Target Today: £24.91 (£27.99) **

  • Campaign Surplus: £123.47

  • Today’s Profit: £

  • Final Figures: £

  • Percentage Profit: 

** The figure in brackets is 2.5% of the actual days Start Bank