LK’s £50K Club Results

LK’s 50K Roster

Gav’s £50K Club Game Rules & Manual Results


Each day I seek to make a profit on both Bank 1 & Bank 2.

Bank 1. is comprised of the race by race full £50K Club roster in time order plus a ‘Money Spinner’ or ‘GT3’ bet if qualifiers on that day which are not covered by the £50K Club roster

Bank 2. is simply the C20 Mainframe bet roster in time order

Game Rules

  1. Take the races in time order from your roster of Power Combinations, LK’s roster of Power Combinations or my daily roster of Power Combinations

  2.  If different selections from different systems, get them all into the bet

  3. Play them according to the Platinum Staking protocols (my settings are on the daily screenshot)

  4. Omit selections with double figure odds

  5. Platinum Staking & Bet Choice Guidelines Here:

  6. For more details on the Split Bet / Win Bet criteria I am using, you can read over this post here:

  • The only real difference between my manual roster and the official Club Roster is that I have a roster of GT3 bets most days.

  • In addition, I include Money Spinner selections. However, these are nearly always picked up by other systems.

  • Plus, I use the C20 roster for Bank 2.

Bank 1: Multiples, JT Top RatedAll, GMWins, C20, Place Diamond, Goldmine Top 3, Top Rated, Joint Roster, Money Spinners, Fav Placers

Today Profit: £25.38

Bank 2: C20 Mainframe Roster

12:50 Southwell Yagan – 3tbp @ 1.12 Win

Today Profit: £10.71

  • DAY 41 Official Target: £722.88 (£18.07)

  • Start Bank Today: £1189.62

  • 2.5% Target Today: £29.74

  • Campaign Surplus: £466.74

  • Today’s Profit: £36.09

  • Final Figures: £1225