The Inspector’s Independent Review of The Horse Race Predictor


When it comes to betting on horses, there’s the thrill of the race and using your own technique and experience to find winners.

Alternatively, you could use one of the popular racing tipsters in the national papers and some are better than others (I know – I’ve tried this as a tactic!).

But what if there was a way to access information quickly that found plenty of winners and all you have to do was whittle down the list?

Signing up to The Horse Race Predictor

That’s the position I found myself in after signing up to The Horse Race Predictor, and over the course of a few weeks found that the criteria being used flagged up lots of winners.

This became apparent one Saturday afternoon when winner after winner was highlighted and went on to win.

And after a particularly impressive Wednesday afternoon, I got in touch with the people behind the site to say congratulations.

A conversation followed and here is the result of that – a blog that focuses on betting on horses and offering punters greater chances of winning when they do so.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be looking at:

  • The Horse Race Predictor – for the UK and Ireland
  • The Horse Race Predictor Australia
  • The Horse Race Predictor USA.

Successful automated betting solutions

In addition, the team that’s put together the impressive software also have created successful
automated betting solutions for:

  • The Football Predictor
  • The Greyhound Predictor
  • The Tennis Predictor.

While I enjoy a bet, the predictive betting software also helps those who aren’t really interested in horse racing except for an annual wager on the Grand National, to understand how betting on horses can deliver a regular income.

Professional horse racing tipsters

Now, I have followed professional horse racing tipsters before and others offering success when betting on horse racing.

Apart from the odd day of success, they ultimately fail over the long term.

From my personal experience of The Horse Race Predictor that isn’t the case, and we will look at some of the strategies being used and there are tipsters offering to help on the website.

So far, one of the most impressive has been someone without any real experience in backing horses who is delivering incredible results every month.

If you want to improve your chances of winning and cheer as your horse wins a big race at decent odds, then keep on reading The Inspector’s blog to find out how you too can enjoy regular returns when betting and have fun when doing so.

The Inspector is a freelance journalist with years of experience writing about news and sport for national newspapers and magazines – and as a TV reporter. He has enjoyed betting over the years, mainly on horses, with some big wins and has worked with professional tipsters, including ghost writing books for some well-known names.

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